What We Do

This Foundation is focused on #Informing #Equipping and #Inspiring women in Africa. It will serve as a platform which broadcasts interesting content, coordinating events which up-skills and trains women for their economic development and inspires them to contribute to society.

Where there is representation and in leadership, we can spark ideas, expose young African women to various opportunities around the and in turn change the economy and trajectory of their lives. We live in an image-filled culture, and are often surrounded by media representations. It is important to paint and broadcast the story of powerful women of colour who achieve praiseworthy accolades or that are in positions of power.

We publish career and educational opportunities for women (both nationally and globally). Accessibility means opportunity.

The reason why we focus on these subjects is because of our passion for economic development and success of women in Africa.  Our place in society is widely overlooked and every conscientious effort to bridge the gender gap to equality is our mandate.
Womandla demonstrates a commitment to broadcasting content, conducting events and speaking at engagements which celebrate leading and upcoming women in various fields and sectors.

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