Proud to be doing things #LikeAGirl

“Using #LikeAGirl as an insult is a hard knock against any adolescent girl. And since the rest of puberty’s really no picnic either, it’s easy to see what a huge impact it can have on a girl’s self-confidence.
Always kicked off an epic battle to make sure that girls everywhere keep their confidence throughout puberty and beyond, and making a start by showing them that doing it #LikeAGirl is an awesome thing.”

I was really moved by this video, which is similar to the Dove one that I have published before. Campaign managers and advertising teams are bringing back the real,emotive, ambient marketing to generate sales. This isn’t a bad thing. What is always important in PR campaigns is making a mental imprint and driving the message home.

There is an obvious bias to my liking of this video because I am a woman, and after seeing it, I’m even more proud. I am in full support of changing perceptions and instilling a sense of worth into young women and men,actually. This is one thing we as young ladies can all relate to, watch and feel empowered afterwards.
What do YOU do #LikeAGirl?

The Chokin Kind (of love)-Joss Stone

I was recently described as anti-relationships. I’m not offended at all. I am anti premature anything really. I went on a Twitter rampage supporting my psychological reasons of why I believe as young women we should be alone in our 20s. My main reason being that most guys around the same age group are not ready for commitment and that you will hate the beauty that is love because of a transitory “desire” therefore misconception.
Shortly after I listened to this hidden gem of Joss Stone, I knew I was on the right lane. It was also after a string of tweets of heartbreak on my timeline that I suppose, supported my sweeping statements.
Age and experience are not only viable for job vacancies ladies but are criteria we should consider before we stir up love too.
Some advice for maturity, first decide who you want to be before wanting to belong to someone else. I’d hate for you to find out later that your purpose was not realized because you felt too alone at a juvenile stage of your life.
Leverage your youthful years. You will have many years later to share with somebody else. Make friends. At least have some hope.

John Legend’s “All of Me” covered by Halle and Chloe

I love uncovering covers. I love the Halle’s indie tone and Chloe’s soul. These two sisters are gifted in interpreting others’ pop hits and singles. John Legend does a splendid job in this song and even he would be happy with this cover. This dedication is for you to pass on to your significant other/lover.

For the leaders of our country, Forgive them Father-Lauryn Hill

This song is about the power that people covet and desire. The way they manipulate things to suit their needs. They pretend to be your friends even close as a brother and in so doing they gain access and an upper hand. Their ulterior motives are masqueraded as love, service delivery, homage being paid to late veterans and so on.

This storyline became so real and tangible over the past weekend where we, as South Africans, were granted a last chance to register for elections. Politicians pulled out all the stops to make sure we know how busy they are creating better lives for all. Although violent protests and boycotts, due to lack of service delivery in various parts of country, were being exercised, it spoke volumes of the dire living conditions of many people who after 20 years of democracy still know no freedom.

I’m praying for a change in the political climate of our country, for our leaders, citizens, homes and just for all kinds of relationships.

This goes far beyond our country. This starts in our homes. This starts with self.

Though I say I am apolitical it doesn’t mean that I’m unconscious.

This song hit home, the silver lyrical lining encapsulates the dark cloud (of judgment)

Read the lyrics.

You are more beautiful than you think-Every woman’s gruelling nightmare

This video made me cry. I have been where all these women have been before. I’ve felt uglier and fatter than what I really was. I let the most fickle things destroy me internally. I wounded myself until I was “unpretty.” I felt like everyone was lying to me when complimenting me. I had the wrong perception of beauty. I wish Dove had this video in my teens but then again, I had to go through low self-esteem to re-establish myself and truly feel confident again. Life is ever-changing. I am a brand new me. I chose to be happy, healthy and free!

Wake Up Everybody-John Legend & The Roots feat Melanie Fiona

Civil wars, racism, politics, big bad world, negative newspaper headlines,”white genocide,” misogyny, rape, crime AREN’T you sick of all of this? It’s time for change! We have to brush up morals, gather up our courage to fight for what is beneficial to ALL. Complaining from the sidelines will do nothing to aid OUR world problems. COME ON SOMEBODY! Wakey wakey!

Cher-Woman’s World

Cher is back! What better way to return than with an anthem for Women. I can hear this playing at gym, at a party or even on my way to work. I love how she celebrates diversity and empowers all women. We, as women, often criticize each other, compete and depreciate each other for no apparent reason. Maybe we need Cher in her mature age, yet amazing looks and legs, to show us the strength that is in unity (and music)!

I am light

It is after reading Eat, Pray, Love that I found a new meaning to this song. I resonate with the peace the author of the book feels. I am light defines some sort of self-divinity but in my interpretation; feeling physically and emotionally “light”. All heaviness, jadedness, mourning, guilt and shame lifted off of me.
The fact that I’m in “India” in the book is just pure coincidence of the artist’s name as well, India Arie. This is a song from her new album, Songversations