You HAVE to believe

You HAVE to believe

In a cause, in yourself, in faith, in others, in most things. This is the seed of which all your hopes flourish and grow. This is step 1, an ordinance, of having ALL your desires come to pass. Believe

I have become SO selfish, it’s a good thing!

I have become so selfish, that it has become a good thing!

People pick up on love and confidence. They watch it and dream of having it for themselves. I have come to terms with the fact that sometimes people compliment you on something, because they wish the good things they see in you, upon themselves. It isn’t a crime. Treat yourself right and you’ll be teaching others to do the same. I say, be the good kind of selfish.

A figurative meaning to MONOCHROME

A figurative meaning to MONOCHROME

My life in black and white. This choice of words is an obvious pun.
This is the South Africa I dream of! Where black and white only matters in clothing and style 🙂

Weight doesn’t count. THIS does

Weight doesn't count. THIS does

This picture defies dietary requirements, BMI’s, regretful photos of “how I used to look,” and every other kind of guilt we feel about ourselves when looking in the mirror. This picture brings perspective just before we self-hate. This scale is the one we should religiously wake up and measure ourselves on every day. This is what counts in life. THIS is purpose. How do you measure?