[SOLD OUT] Own Your BRILLIANCE Masterclass

Tonight is the final leg of the Forbes Masterclass Tour in South Africa!  Cape Town tickets for the “Own Your Brilliance!” Master Class Tour with International Business Strategist & Forbes Coach are sold out!

SOLD Here’s to a great evening of learning, networking and partnering with each other!

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5 Ways to Own Your Brilliance beyond a 9-to-5

Business advice from someone who has been there and done that! Tamiko Cuellar shares five ways to own your brilliance outside of the conventional workplace.

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Due to the growing global economy and the digital age, the way we think about using our talents has begun to shift our career paths from the conventional 9-to-5 jobs. The most brilliant thought leaders and creatives today are now forging their own careers on their own terms.


Innovation is birthed from necessity. The world has no shortage of problems, only talent to solve them.  Social media platforms were developed in part to remove the barrier of barriers which prevented people from connecting. What problem will you solve in this world?


Whatever you can do well with the least amount of effort is a clue to uncover your brilliance. Your brilliance does not have to be limited to the conventional corporate workplace.  If you are entrepreneurial, then there are several ways that you could turn your ideas into income.


Your brilliance in this world will shine brighter as you become more adept in your skill set. Learning is ongoing and you should always be a student. In addition to taking courses, attend webinars, go to conferences, read lots of books, or subscribe to your favorite blog or YouTube channel. These are ways to ensure that you will continue to develop the most cutting-edge and marketable skill sets in today’s competitive global marketplace.


The greatest things in life are achieved outside of the comfort zone. While the comfort zone might offer security and a steady paycheck from a 9-to-5 job, it might not give birth to your brilliance and allow you to live your fullest potential. You will shine the brightest in this world when you take risks and when you learn to use your failures and uncertainty to your advantage.


You will find that your creativity is best used when there are no limitations. For many employees, the workplace can be stifling to their ingenuity, imagination, individuality, and ideas. This is often how entrepreneurs are born.  Entrepreneurs are naturally creative innovators. They often seek better ways to do things to achieve results and solve problems.

When you own your brilliance, you use it on your terms. You won’t allow it to be squelched or hampered by the limitations of society.  Taking this ownership of your gifts, talents, skill sets, and abilities means that you will determine how and where you use your brilliance for the greater good of this world – and without the income limitations of a conventional job.


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New Appointment: Global Brand Ambassadors of Pursue Your Purpose LLC


Our Founder, Sam Gqomo, has been selected as one of the Pursue Your Purpose Global Brand Ambassadors, under the leadership of Forbes Business Coach, Tamiko Cuellar.

Cuellar selected women in Africa who believe in the values of  her company, Pursue Your Purpose. Her mandate is to help/coach high performing, purpose driven women globally to transition into entrepreneurship & grow.

Well done Sam!



Transition into entrepreneurship with Tamiko Cuellar

The registration link is now live for South Africa!

Join us next week, as Forbes Coach, renders an online workshop based on her third book release, “Own Your Brilliance! – A Woman’s Guide to Hiring Herself.”

Tickets are R130 and include a free e-book!

Spaces are limited so book soon!

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Own Your Brilliance right from Home!

The day has finally arrived! We’re so excited to be hosting FORBES business coach, Tamiko Cuellar, tonight at 6pm (SAST) and 7.30pm (SAST).

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Please register here to receive access to the meeting. Choose the time you are available and you are good to go! You can connect from your PC, iOS, laptop or Android.

We will also send a podcast of the session in the coming weeks, just to remind you of the points discussed.

There’s nothing better than getting equipped from one of the world’s best coaches, from the comfort of your home.

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Greetings from our Forbes Business Coach

Womandla is partnering with Forbes Business Coach, Tamiko Cuellar  for her “Own Your Brilliance” launch next Monday! Tamiko coaches high-performing, purpose-driven women executives, managers and leaders with strategies on how to successfully transition into entrepreneurship.

Watch the video and join the journey from the comfort of your home by signing up here.

Please feel free to send this link to your colleagues, mentors and business partners around the globe, as there will be valuable information shared.

Set a reminder on your calendar and clock. We look forward to e-meeting with you!

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Womandla partners with FORBES Business Coach

Calling all Cape Town based business-minded individuals! This November, Womandla will be hosting Forbes International Business Coach, Tamiko Cuellar, at her “Own Your Brilliance” book signing and mini-workshop.

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The book has been endorsed by Parminder Vir, CEO of The Tony Elumelu Foundation, Nigeria.

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Cuellar coaches high performing, purpose driven women globally on ways to transition into entrepreneurship and growth. She will be giving away two of her books (to the value of R190 each) at the event. Attendees must be present to win.

Event details are as follows:
DATE: Monday, 20 November 2017
VENUE: Cape Town, Workshop 17, The Watershed, V & A Waterfront.
SIGN UP for your single ticket to the Own your Brilliance mini workshop and book signing. Please note that the prize pertains to her book which will also be on sale.
TO ENTER: Simply fill in your details before close of business on Monday, 13 November 2017 to stand a chance of winning a spot. Register at www.brilliancebook2017.eventbrite.com.


Forbes Business Coach talks about Owning Your Brilliance

International Business Coach, Tamiko Cuellar, will be in Cape Town this November (more details to follow) to deliver a keynote address and host a FREE business workshop and book signing to emerging businesswomen.  We ask her a few questions about her life, business, and contribution to Africa.

Tamiko Cuellar is the CEO and Founder of Pursue Your Purpose. She is a proven leader in the marketplace among small business owners globally. Recognized for her leadership abilities, she has been invited to speak at corporations, churches, conferences, on several radio and TV programs, and more. She has been featured on Forbes.com, in The Huffington Post, and on the cover of the UK-based Small Business Owner Magazine for her work with entrepreneurs. In 2016 she was recognized by The Women’s Business Journals as a Woman on the Move. She also served as an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management at City Vision University. In 2016, she was appointed as a Mentor to emerging entrepreneurs in Kenya and Uganda as part of Tony Elumelu’s Entrepreneurship Programme which funds and develops new enterprises throughout the continent of Africa. She is also a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW).

Take us through your journey of entrepreneurship

My journey as an entrepreneur started about 12 years ago while I was still working in my corporate career in the financial services industry. I’ve been a freelance consultant for foreign entrepreneurs wishing to enter the U.S. marketplace, I’ve run a tutoring business for elementary students and I was co-owner of a roofing and construction company prior to starting Pursue Your Purpose LLC in 2012. Since then, I’ve coached aspiring and emerging women globally on strategies to transition into entrepreneurship and grow.

In five words, how would you describe yourself? 

God-fearing, leader, wise, strategic, and enterprising.

Your business is aimed at helping high-performing women transition into entrepreneurship, how do you achieve this?

My ultimate goal in coaching/mentoring women to transition into entrepreneurship and grow their businesses is for my clients to be satisfied with my services. Survey results and testimonials are a great measuring tool. Coaching effectiveness is contingent upon if I’ve helped a client to accomplish her own goal(s) that she has set for her business. Helping women to succeed in establishing and growing their businesses is largely dependent upon the women themselves and how they apply my instruction. When women start bearing fruit in their businesses in areas they did not prior to my coaching, that is a great indicator that the coaching was effective. Sometimes, clients think they need only business strategies but walk away with life strategies that help them overcome obstacles that affected their business. Some common obstacles I’ve identified are fear, a poverty mindset, lack of self-confidence, and/or a lack of clarity of their purpose. As needed, I deal with root issues that will affect business success.

You are an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council. What does this mean for you and your business?

The Forbes Coaches Council is an invitation-only organization for leading business and career coaches in the U.S. To my knowledge, there are less than 500 of us presently that have been chosen. Being an official member means that I have been vetted and recognized by the prestigious and world-renown Forbes brand as a thought leader in my field of expertise. Although I have worked very hard to earn this distinction, I am very humbled to be a part of the Council. This also means that I get to impact more aspiring and emerging entrepreneur women with the articles that I publish on the leadership channel of Forbes.com.

How do you plan to impact Africa?

I have an unexplainable affinity for the women of Africa. For the readers who understand prophecy in the biblical sense, from approximately 2005 until recently, I’ve had several ministers prophesy to me about my calling to Africa. My first international client in Africa was a woman from Namibia in 2014. In 2016, I was selected by the Tony Elumelu Foundation as a mentor to emerging women entrepreneurs in Uganda and Kenya.
In November 2017, I will be presenting my research on entrepreneurship at the International Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development Conference in Cape Town, South Africa to help shape policies in Africa and around the world in the field of entrepreneurship. My research will help universities, non-academic training organizations, business coaches, and anyone within the global entrepreneurship ecosystem to identify trends and develop best practices to train and equip aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs around the world.
Also in November, I will speak at a women’s entrepreneurship conference and then host my first international book signing of my 3rd book: Own Your Brilliance! – A Woman’s Guide to Hiring Herself in Cape Town, South Africa. I will also introduce my new coaching program exclusively for aspiring and emerging women entrepreneurs on the continent of Africa, expected to begin in January 2018.

I expect to coach women in Africa on an ongoing basis and at some point partner with organizations and government entities in Africa to develop entrepreneurship and leadership training programs.


We can’t wait to partner with you Tamiko!