Instagram Live: Mental and Spiritual Health during a Pandemic

Join us LIVE TODAY, 6pm, on Instagram as we tackle the subject of Mental Health and Spiritual Health during a Pandemic!

dr rhode (2)

Our guest is Dr. Alixis Rhodes, psychologist in a men’s correctional facility in California. She also is a co-founder of the “No Black Girl Left Behind’  organization that connects, uplifts , inspires women of color.

Dr. Rhodes is a worldwide traveler that is a true advocate for mental health.

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Focus on your inner peace


I never knew I didn’t have peace until I understood what it meant. I prayed for it and received it but there’s a difference when you feel it AND live IN it. When you have peace NOTHING sways you. You don’t watch what the next person does or has. You don’t compete. Things come and go but you focus on your peace.

You celebrate and trust the journey. You wait your turn in stillness. Your time comes and you continue working in silence. 

Peace is not boastful, loud or proud. Peace protects you from certain people and negative things. Peace blocks out the noise. Peace likes space.

Peace gives you clarity and perspective, your desires and trials don’t disappear but you operate in wisdom. God’s voice is most audible when your heart is at peace. You’re anxious of nothing, never in a rush, just ready to receive – grateful.

Col 3:15

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.

Pray for peace, I’m in a great mental and spiritual space because of it.

Sibongile Zungu launches the preferred South African Travel Company

This past week I spoke to Sibongile Zungu, a qualified registered Chartered Accountant, who just launched her Travel Company called Preferential Travel.  She astutely describes herself as ambitious, witty, spiritual and romantic and spares a moment to share her past and prospects with us!

1. Tell us about your business and background.

SZ: I come from a family of entrepreneurs, yet I never believed in entrepreneurship. I felt it was unnecessarily risky, when I could easily live a very comfortable life with a 9-5 day job, ever-so-often waking up and wondering how much sick leave I still have available.
Preferential Travel is quite simply a travel company that arranges affordable travel experiences (mainly road trips) within South Africa for individuals, couples, and groups of up to 20. We have accommodation partners in most tourist attraction destinations in South Africa, and have an option on our website for clients to obtain quotes for destinations we don’t currently have listed.
Every single listed property on Preferential Travel’s site, is a place I would personally visit and can personally vouch for. I love adventure and natural surroundings, and all the properties offer that – not to mention they’re all very reasonably priced.
To the best of my knowledge, we are one of very few travel companies that also have CSI initiatives. Shammah Safe House is an amazing children’s home and we are proud to have partnered with them.

2. What are the challenges you face as a young, female entrepreneur?

1. Adequate emotional support.
2. Finding a quality mentor that is willing to actually invest time in you.
3. Finances
4. Time management – particularly if you have an 8 hour full-time job.

For my industry, specifically, I noticed very quickly that it’s a very tough industry to break into, and accommodation owners are not very open to helping start-ups. I had a good number of phone calls dropped in my ear and emails not returned whilst I was gathering my initial client base. I remember the first rejection email, of many, I received several weeks ago – “Sorry. The owners are not interested. Regards”. Such things fuelled me, and still fuel me, to push even harder.

3. What do you hope to achieve in your business?

SZ: Preferential means “superior”, “favoured”, “better” – I want the meaning of the name to manifest itself. So naturally, I envision Preferential Travel to be a leading travel company in South Africa, and I am branding it as such. I’m very fortunate to have travelled South Africa rather thoroughly, consequently I’m passionate about promoting local travel. I think our country is gorgeous!

I’m taking it step-by-step, and I truly value the partners that have decided to take this leap of faith with me. My main focus at the moment is on marketing. People need to know that Preferential Travel exists. I have the likes of Safarinow, RoomsforAfrica etc. as ultimate competition and I fully acknowledge that I won’t get to their level overnight. But I will get there. And do far “better”.

4. What keeps you going when the going gets tough?

SZ: Two things – God and my passion for travel. Just like my life, this entire venture is founded on Psalm 23:6.

5. Any words of encouragement to our network of ladies?

SZ: Hold the vision. Trust the process. Pray.

Bio: Sibongile grew up in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa Zulu Natal, with her parents and older brother then left for Pretoria in 2010 to study Accounting Sciences. She is currently working as an assistant manager in one of Africa’s leading professional services firms and is also studying towards a Masters in Taxation.


He knows me


He knows me. Intimately.  In the correct sense of the word.


He knows the number of hairs on my head.

He knows the hairs left on my comb.

That’s how closely He watches over me.

He knows my scent. He distinguishes me from the rest.

Oh how He loves me!

He called me. He knew precisely what to dial. I answered Him.

He told me I was royal, He said He chose me, He called me peculiar.

I cried.

For a while now, I’ve been looking for Perfect Love. Only in Him have I found it.

He embodies it. He is it.

I feel so secure and accepted in my strangeness.

His love has casted out all my fears.

He is all that matters.

He knows me because He made me.

Fearfully and wonderfully.

He carefully knitted my DNA helix. He painstakingly arranged my chromosomes.

He used Himself as a prototype.

Then He planted me in my mother’s womb.

I am not alone. He is here with me. He walks with me.

He will never leave me nor forsake me.

He cares deeply for me. He knows everything about me.

That dream, that desire, that feeling, that habit, that secret, that thought, that person, that list and that plan…

He knows.