The night I “met” Laura Mvula

This past weekend was the 18th installment of Africa’s greatest music gathering!  I had the privilege of attending my very first Cape Town International Jazz Festival with my friends – an experience I will never forget or miss again.

The melanin magic and main reason I attended, Laura Mvula, appeared on the stage, showing off her strong gams and bedazzled hands. She opened the show by saying: “Hello Cape Town, I’m home!” – automatically enthusing the crowd.

I was wondering how she’d bring across her cosmic sound and orchestral reverb to a live audience but being the professional, prepared, international act that she is – I quickly forgot those thoughts!

She was all kinds of amazing. She sang ALL of my favourite tunes and introduced me to a lot more. I was so moved. I lost my voice and all kinds of composure whilst singing along!

I love how one of her followers on Instagram says: “You didn’t close the show – you shut it down!” And that she did with her powerful anthem inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman.”

Thank you Laura for coming to South Africa, next time we will be coming to you!


SCARS of Love; beauty in imperfection

“My scars tell a story:

we all have scars,

scars on our bodies,

scars on our souls.

Scars never completely go away,

but the good thing is that they don’t hurt anymore.

They show what you have been through something

and overcame it.

The scars of life don’t define your character,

they define your life’s journey.

A scar shows battles won!

Scars mean the hurt is over, the wound is closed, healed and done with.

Jesus has scars too.

He shows us the nail pierced hands, the thorn marks on His head,

the place where the spear plunged into His side.

He then says, “Scars of love, the price I paid for you.”

Every winner has a scar. I am a winner, You are a winner.

Let’s not live our lives based on our scars, but rather understand that we are now stars.”


John Legend’s “All of Me” covered by Halle and Chloe

I love uncovering covers. I love the Halle’s indie tone and Chloe’s soul. These two sisters are gifted in interpreting others’ pop hits and singles. John Legend does a splendid job in this song and even he would be happy with this cover. This dedication is for you to pass on to your significant other/lover.

Is This Love (cover)

This is easily the best rendition of the late Bob Marley “Is this love.” There is just something about Corinne Bailey Rae’s soulful, soft grace that makes this an easy swallow.
Sir Bob would give her a nod of approval.
This is my feel good song.