MANCOSA – Women’s Leadership Webinar 2020

Join the annual MANCOSA Women’s Leadership Webinar in Partnership with Aspire Solutions on the 3rd October from 10am to 11am via Zoom (link will be sent through once your ticket has been purchased) for a morning filled with women empowering women, the current Gender-based Violence epidemic, parenting during the pandemic, as well as success stories and the journey of our amazing panel of speakers!

Here with the Quicket link for ticket purchasing:

The line-up for the event:

MC, TV presenter, and actress – Ayanda Dlamini

Business Director – Mushfiqoh Samodien

Founder and Director of Womandla Foundation – @sam_gqomo

Occupational Therapist and specialist in Parenting – Nasreen Cariem

Keeping the best for last, the talented musician and performer – Ashur Petersen will be keeping you all entertained with his artistry.

Gift boxes to the value of R500, filled with amazing items from various sponsors! These boxes will either need to be collected from one of the MANCOSA centers or couriered.




Crowdfunding is a job on its own


Crowdfunding has taught me a lot over the past two weeks. So much work goes into it, I should have lost weight!

Here are my learnings since I started campaigning:

Firstly, people are FOR you, they want you to win! Some don’t say it- they show it. Some people I don’t even know were just ready to give.

Secondly, community is EVERYTHING and more can seriously be achieved in numbers. In a now very western world, we are often siloed and isolated in our own worlds, we generally only want to help IF we get something back. This has taught me to be more inclusive and to be so intentionally.

Thirdly, God is abundant. He extends Himself through His people. How much more can be achieved as a body working together?
I also learnt that expectation is the mother of frustration. The people who you’ve always routed for can quickly turn into bystanders in your time of need. Expect the unexpected. Expect disappointment and silence. It is what it is.
Lastly, I learnt a deeper sense of humility, perseverance and hopefulness. I gave myself no other choice but to conquer this.
My FEES are officially paid and all that is outstanding are my flight costs. I believe God will come through for me as He has already shown.
From the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank you all for your seed. May you be blessed with a great harvest! A little certainly goes a LONG way and because of you, I am on my way to the United Nations!
Literally counting down the weeks, days and minutes.


The Inspiration behind Womandla

Melinda Gates, a TIME magazine 100 honoree, says she wants to make investments in health and technology to help unlock potential for women around the world.

I watch the Melinda Gate’s Foundation developments incessantly and adopt their strategies as a guideline for my plan. The vision and the work she does, as mentioned in this video, encourages me on my journey.

The internet is such a wonderful tool when it comes to introducing us to topics and people that would otherwise be almost impossible to meet in one’s lifetime.

Whether Womandla will be an organisation that will be likened to Gates’ or not, I am working hard at establishing a legacy  for the next generation. For me, it isn’t about the accolades but the significant difference we will be making in the life of the young, African woman.

I’m taking the baton and responsibility for our continent and it’s young leaders because the future is African and I’d like to be a great part of it!


McKinsey & Company invites female students and experienced professionals to apply for the Next Generation Women Leaders Award 2017!


Do you enjoy problem solving and creative thinking? Are you passionate about teamwork and leading others? Do you constantly seek ways to maximize your potential? We are looking to get to know more women just like you!

If you are thinking “wow, this sounds like me!” we would like to invite you to apply for our Next Generation Women Leaders Award! This is your opportunity to learn more about McKinsey & Company and our people and to join an exceptional international network of talented women.

Winners will be awarded:

– 2,000 Euros (or equivalent in local currency) towards the cost of tuition, summer employment, volunteer work, research, an independent project/entrepreneurial venture, or anything else that the money will help you with

– Individual mentorship from McKinsey consultants

– Guaranteed invite to selected McKinsey events

All female students and experienced professionals with up to 6 years of experience from Europe, the Middle East and Africa are welcome to apply for the Next Generation Women Leaders Award 2017! Application deadline is March 6, 2017.

For more information about the award and to apply visit:



Calling all girls to GERMANY!

Girl 20 Summit launched in 2009 at the Clinton Global Initiative, G(irls)20 places girls and women at the heart of the economic decision making process by advancing the idea that increasing female labour force participation will generate growth, stabilize communities and countries, and lead to social innovation.



The programs include:

  • Global Summits
  • Bootcamps for Brains
  • Girls on Boards
  • Fathers empowering Daughters

Visit the site for more information.

Don’t leave it for too late! Applications are quite wordy and lengthy, a video is also required in the process. Apply by 8 December 2016

I hope you represent well girl!


Conversations at the Carwash

I never think of a petrol station and carwash combination as a place to have metamorphic and paradigm shifting conversations, as I have just recently encountered.

I either read a magazine if the sun’s glare allows, whip my phone out to start chatting and catching up or I haul out my tablet and read crass articles of celebrity gossip. I’m sure you were expecting me to say that I salvage my time to do something smart or mentally beneficial, but alas, the carwash is neither comfortable nor conducive for such things.

Anyway, an elderly man calls for my attention. I automatically have my guard up and nose in the air, just in case the married timer is trying to get my number. We can no longer assume that the way we were brought up, of greeting our elders and acknowledging their presence is viable, as these father figures prefer to be “daddy” figures nowadays (if you know what I mean).

He tells me I resemble his daughter. My style of dress, my hair, the way I walk.. everything. He then said he wanted to take a picture, but that would be illegal. You can imagine what’s going through my mind at this point… Yes the word CREEP.

I respond and say she sounds like she’s out of town.”Do you miss her?” I ask. It must be my emotional intelligence or strong sixth sense LOL but that guess was spot on.

He continued to tell me her story about how she left home to go study an expensive course at some “international” college only to get a qualification in something she didn’t really like. She had to find her feet by struggling her way through short learning programmes and get a job in a totally different field. He then spoke about the importance of innovation and lateral thinking in young minds, jumped to comparing the public sector versus private sector environments and touched on leadership. This brought about a debate on race and classicism and the wisdom of knowing the interrelationship of the two. He touched on lobola negotiations and the wisdom of always choosing the right people to represent you, within your family. “Elders might not respect your choices, but always stick to what you believe in. As hard as it may be, sometimes it’s best to forget the blood relation element and treat family as they treat you.” He spoke about the uselessness of luxury cars instead of necessity buying, mentioned investments and the perks of financial education.

This guy became cooler by the second. Only mid-conversation did we introduce ourselves, he called me Samido I stuck with Uncle M. (Respect factor you know) He reenacted so many characters, accents, stereotypes, I couldn’t stop laughing. He mentioned his wife alot. He loves her. *wipes sweat*

“Mam, your car is ready,” says the Carwasher.

I was kind of bummed. I might not ever see Uncle M again, but I am so grateful for his insight and sense of humour.

I usually dread the carwash, but after this encounter it might just be my new hang out spot. Gosh, I might even find my other whole..

I’m so glad my car is clean, they didn’t polish my tyres though.