With the influence of social media which yields the pressure of showcasing “your best life,” I feel the need to remind you ladies to love on yourself and your journey of becoming.

Your identity and worth is not based on material things – I love how the bible puts it as “meaningless” and a “chasing of the wind.”

Whatever you do gain and acquire, I pray you see its value and extol gratitude to its source. I ask that you extend your hand to help those beneath you or find themselves in a less privileged position, because you too know how it feels to be in their situation.

I have no qualms about this year. I have grown fully into myself. Those who say I haven’t changed must have always seen the butterfly in me, all the while I was in my cocoon. Those who have recently encountered me are in for a whale of a time.

I’m evolving. I thank God for this.

Whatever season you find yourself in- gird your spiritual wellness and sustain your reputation. Love those who surround you to the fullest. Eat well and drink cheerfully!

Stay true to what you believe in and have a sense of humour.

These are my closing remarks of a successful year. Wishing you a wonderful festive season and purpose-driven new year!

I have so much confidence in me, in you and in this movement at large.


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