Off The Wall Pop-Up Restaurant in Cape Town this Saturday

KHANYA MZONGWANA (IG: @yuluishii) is a 27 year old chef, food stylist, consultant, recipe developer, food writer and avid eater from the small but vibrant coastal city of Port Elizabeth. She has been cooking for almost ten years and currently writes for Woolworths TASTE Magazine as well as Eat Out Magazine’s online publication.


Khanya is currently the food consultant at +27 Cafe and has designed their vibrant new spring/summer menu, and she also manages events and social media for the gorgeous architect-owned coffee shop, adding a flourish to the space which is unique to herself. She also consults for Capital Craft Beer Academy and African Beer Emporium.


When she’s not working with these fine establishments, she hosts a pop-up restaurant in various venues around Gauteng with her partner where they rediscover food from all corners of the globe – the Off The WallPop-Up Restaurant.


She will be in Cape Town at 1pm on Saturday, 22 October at 61 Loop Street, CBD.

Tickets cost R280. Book with her team by sending an email to or making a deposit to the following account:


Nedbank Current Account

Acc No: 1104950960

Branch Code: 160245

Branch Name: Hatfield

Ayikho into egqitha ikhaya lakho (There’s no place like home)


Do you know that paradoxical feeling of being full and empty at the same time? Maybe not.

I just came back from a long, overdue trip home. The weekend seemed quick as lightening,  a reflection of the speed of which this year has gone by.

I feel full in my spirit, because of:

  • The picturesque drives along the sea
  • Pop-ins at my former work and seeing my ex-colleagues (now friends)
  • My dad’s bear hugs
  • Mom’s chocolate breakfasts
  • Granny’s magwinyas
  • Ivumba le heater ye paraffin at their place
  • Brunches and lunches with my sister and besties
  • Kisses, hugs and prayers from my old church people
  • Love

Time is so valuable. People are so precious. I value every moment spent with those who route for me, support me and want nothing but the best for me. I draw strength from them.

My vernac expressions just prove how strong the longing was, how far the distance seemed, a kind of reawakening of what matters most!

I’m back  in Cape Town feeling empty, because I miss it all again.

Eating my heart out thanks to ULC!

I figuratively ate my heart out at the Urban Low Carb pop-up this past Saturday. My heart was at its happiest when tasting those delectable eats, and enjoying them GUILT-FREE!deck

See, I am on this so-called healthy eating buzz (well trying to be) but my biggest weakness is always the Confectionery section of a store.

The excitement I had when receiving the invite to come see (and taste)  these Wheat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free desserts, tarts and breads was insuperable.cheeskc

I honestly expected food that tastes like “nothing”, but to my surprise and DELIGHT, the treats were anything but tasteless! My absolute favourite was the Cheesecake and brownie combination, abundantly garnished with pecan nuts! Yum!

There was sooo much to choose from, and all beautifully presented. I also had (some of) the Vanilla baked cheesecake topped with a spicy berry coulis and dark chocolate ganache…quite spicy but tamed nicely with the creamy cheesecake underneath.


On display, for consumption, were different quiches:  two, chicken/sundried tomato/feta and kale/peppers/mushroom. Made with lovely cream and handfuls of cheddar cheese.  
Are you drooling yet?
It doesn’t stop there! Lusanda (my bff/plus one/photographer) was devouring the open sandwiches which are  made with Cocoloaf – low carb bread for which we grind a mixture of seeds and coconut flour. Have you ever??? It also had hints of cinnamon and the dough, a touch of himalayan pink salt.

guests ULC

The founders of this food movement are sisters, Naadia vd Bergh Olkers and Shireen vd Bergh, wishing to promote healthier options for a better life! The ladies were so excited and passionate about their brand and more than happy to share their ingredients. It’s important to know what one is eating, and even better if you have them make your meals for you!


For more information or to place an order, email:

Sugar free. Low Carb. Gluten free. Halaal. Can be made dairy free and as I mentioned GUILT-FREE too!

Follow them on Instagram: @urbanlowcarb

A figurative meaning to MONOCHROME

A figurative meaning to MONOCHROME

My life in black and white. This choice of words is an obvious pun.
This is the South Africa I dream of! Where black and white only matters in clothing and style 🙂

The Aztec Kitchen

Central, Port Elizabeth, is fast becoming the hub of PE’s social life, food and lifestyle. My sister recently had her birthday celebrations at The Aztec Kitchen. It is situated at the corner of Parliament and Whitlock Street and captures old PE in the simplest form.

In an attempt of not trying to sound “bought” or this sounding like an advertorial, just gaze through the pictures and see why I am so inlove with this place. I actually don’t know how to describe it.

It’s soft and clean with a little bit of drama on the mural. Ahhh the ambience, the most beautiful soulful music played in the background as I dug into the ribs and freshly baked bread. I also learnt how to pronounce “hummus” from the back of my palate.


This restaurant took me to “Cape Town-Kloof Street” in 15 minutes.

I need to go back, if not for the beauty and environment then definitely for the delectable oh so affordable, uniquely South African menu!