STEM AWARDS Categories Extended

We have been receiving a number of nominations for women advocating for STEM in the community and have thus added one more category for “Advocacy for STEM in Community.” We recognise the role these women play in the community’s STEM development and would like to honor them too. Thank you to Nedbank Women’s Forum for coming on board as a partner.

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Nominations still open here.

Venue: The Vineyard Hotel, Cape Town

Time: 09h00am-12h00pm


Banking Details:

Womandla Foundation NPC. FNB Business Acc 62811072876

Reference: YOUR NAME

Mentorship Programme Activated!

We are so excited to launch our Mentorship Programme this year!


Last year, we went on a search for passionate and successful women to mentor bright girls in the Langa community of Cape Town. Of the masses that took a keen interest, we decided on 15 ladies in Cape Town who will create and pilot our mentorship programme.

The response from the chosen High School learners and their parents, has been overwhelming! We will expose the young girls to various careers and vocations, assist in subject choice and support them as best as we can on their life journey.

We look forward to actioning our vision and mission which is to equip, inform and empower women in the African diaspora.



Social Coding for Girls

Social Entrepreneur, Thembiso Magajana, shares her heartwarming journey of how “Social Coding for Girls” project started.

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My journey to becoming a Social Entrepreneur is not a very profound one. There are no heartfelt antidotes of how from a young age I knew I wanted to save the world or be a champion of the community. In fact, I grew up pretty self-absorbed, only concerned about my little bubble.

That was until my aunt had a baby and I soon became cousins with the most extraordinary little girl you have ever seen. Although technically my cousin, I referred to her as my niece because she was 16 years younger than me and I was fiercely overprotected over her. Anything she wanted, I got for her. And as fate would have it, When she turned six years old, what she wanted, was to become a computer engineer.

Now wait, let’s go back a few paces.

Firstly, I come from an accounting background. That’s about as far from Computer Engineering as Paris is from Timbuktu. And to be completely honest, the only thing I really knew about using computers was how to do an excel spreadsheet.

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Fast forward to the morning my “niece” turned six, and decided that she would be an engineer who would build the worlds next Facebook and her “aunt” who could barely tell the difference between the on and off button on a computer, (although to be fair, the same button works for both functions) would be her teacher.

So that’s what I set out to do. I spent sleepless nights researching, reading “Computer programming for Dummies” and watching Youtube tutorials. Soon I was teaching her, what the internet was teaching me.

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One Saturday, She arrived at our lesson with 3 other young girls. And that’s how Social Coding was born. With 4 six years old’s and one laptop.

Presently, we’re an organization of 185 girls, all of whom are being taught digital entrepreneurship through computer programming by a teach of dedicated Social Coding Volunteers. We are so set on ensuring that EVERY GIRL in South Africa has the opportunity to be exposed to Coding, that we even developed a special curriculum, where the girls are taught input and output programming using a blackboard, for workshops run in rural areas where girls may have never even seen or touched a Computer because it’s important for us to introduce technology to at a level that every girl can understand. Our Workshops not only teach young girls from as young as six how to be innovative creators, but how they can be leaders..conceptualists of community solutions because our mandate is “The sustainability of the creator and her community”. This organization is my life because I have seen it GIVE LIFE to others.

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So perhaps I didn’t set out to change the world.

But the World certainly changed me.

Womandla is looking for Africa’s Hidden Figures


A friend asked me who I’d like to meet and feature on  I paused, not because I did not know, but because I had no rehearsed answer.

I responded and said I would want to meet any woman who is the first. The first at achieving a massive milestone, the first at attempting or conducting an experiment or the first at innovating and creating something life-changing until the first becomes the new normal.

One thing I know is that I look up to various women for their success and ability to break glass ceilings, who then provide opportunities to those who come after them.

With the recent exposure of international films and stories of ground-breaking, history-making women namely Hidden Figures and recently The Immortal Life of Hendrietta Lacks, I remembered why I even started

Womandla is looking for Africa’s hidden figures. The female African heroines who continuously change the status quo, lead in politics, the community, non-governmental organizations and those who fight blood, sweat and tears for women and children’s rights. These women hardly receive recognition or media attention yet they still quietly lead and make an impact.

Can you imagine how many women are out there bubbling and brewing with inspiring stories of their latest and nascent, life-giving dreams with no one there to tell their stories, record them or even create African movies and educational coursework about them?

Womandla exists to document, inspire and feature in textbooks that future generations will one day learn and study from.

Womandla is not interested in the figures but exists for the difference women make.

We want to take uniquely African stories to the rest of the world.