TWO WEEKS until the Womandla Career Expo

We’re so excited to host the very first Womandla Career Expo this May!


The Womandla team has been working tirelessly towards making this event a success! We have Mazars, Actuarial Women’s Committee, NFSAS and other organizations from the Energy, Quantity Surveying, IT and Education sectors on board.

If you wish to be a part of the action and add value in the community, see below document for the details:

Blown away? Then fill in this form and exhibit for FREE at Langa High School, Cape Town.



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Indebted to my Dreams

I have been on a blogging hiatus for no apparent reason. I apologize. I find myself sounding like such an adult lately by saying life is just so busy, but honestly it is.

This concerns me (sort of) because, I know God speaks through me the most in this time of reflection and so ignoring it would be limiting His revelation.

But let’s cut to the chase. I am here to talk about dreams and how taxing they are. Physically, emotionally, financially and sometimes even relationally.

Again, I find myself moving to better prospects, therefore leaving my comfortable abode (that took several other moves to find) only to pack up and move again.

I felt like a nomad at some point. I started feeling like I am unstable and somewhat disloyal, but how dare I throw that in the face of my dreams?

Who said that one has to stay at one particular place for x amount of months, years, decades in order for them to conquer their dreams?

My talents and abilities pull me in all sorts of directions and do so at different intervals.

When there is a call on your life which is supported by a vision board that reminds you EVERYDAY of all the things you’d like to do, you live life with achieving those goals in mind notwithstanding societal norms. vision board

For me, my vocational journey has been supported by prayer. Every single year, God accelerates my advancements so far that it supersedes my expectation. I have dreams of cars I want to be driving and property I should be owning, places I should be traveling (as a measure of my success) then something pulls me back.

Matthew 20:16 “Those who come first will be last. Those who are last will come first.”

Chance happens to us all. Life is a journey and anything rushed will flutter by just as quickly. Instead of trying to keep up with the Jones’s by having fancy car debt, credit cards of a certain tier and Great Gatsby Instagram photos, let me grow my investment portfolio, serve the community more and use what I have for God’s glory.  Everything He touches multiplies anyway.

To you it may be moving back to your parents’ home to save, downgrading your car to invest or working two jobs to reach that 10 000 hours of success standing. Whatever it is, be indebted to your dreams first and see how the ‘things’ just avail themselves on the journey!



Her Highness, Anele Nzimande

Many might know this dynamic young lady from the SABC 1 series, One Day Leader, a Wits Golden Key Society committee member and recently successful candidate for Wits LSC Elections. Her ambition, prowess and finesse grades her as one of God’s chosen people who lead a  purpose driven life. She definitely is a force to be reckoned with and is far more phenomenal than her 20-year young life suggests.

She is studying her third year in Law at Wits and is the first contributor to Sorority Sayings.


I asked her a few questions about her achievements, aspirations and women in general.

SS: Q. If you could create a job position for yourself, what would it entail?

AN: A. Fortunately for me, they already exist. My heart is set on philanthropy and journalism. I want to mesh up the two, and tell the world inspiring stories through the eyes of a 20 year old. I’m also a lover of law. I love how laws are constantly evolving; and that there are two sides to every tale and each is weighed up on a balance of probabilities and where necessary, factual evidence. It [the job] would entail lots of listening, feeling, writing and then sharing with others.


SS: Q. What is your greatest achievement to date?

AN: A. In 2011, I went to New York as part of the delegation for Model UN. That was a personal victory for me, to have been selected out of a many brilliant and capable candidates. Traveling to NYC stirred something in me. It lifted a veil from my eyes and made me realize how much life was going on outside of town. There are people in a different timezone and hemisphere who believe in the same things I do and are affected by the same things I am. It’s very different hearing about it, seeing it with your own eyes changes you.


SS: Q. From a bird’s eye view, what would you say the state of the nation is?

AN: A. There is so much change going on in this country that I’m afraid to answer this (in case my opinion changes). So anything I say here, should be taken with a pinch of salt. [ LOL at the disclaimer] South Africa is in a very critical time in democracy, a transformative period where we can start to ask the hard questions [that] we’ve been avoiding this whole time. We are 20 years old, and like the typical 20-year old, we are evolving, sometimes a little unsure of ourselves and being tugged in too many directions.


SS: Q. What role do or should women play in this?

AN: A. Women need to take an active role in shaping the political landscape of the country. We shouldn’t be afraid to challenge and disagree. Most importantly, we need to steer away from ‘ad hominem’ politics. When we call Drs. Lindiwe Sisulu or Mamphela Ramphele ‘an old gogo’, this is not in the spirit of fair politics or feminisim. We all need to stop this type of bullying and have no tolerance for those who instigate it, because it just isn’t nice.

ImageSS: Q. Lastly, is there a question you’d like to answer but never asked?

AN: A. YES! “Anele, why do you call yourself Time Traveller?” My answer would be, “Because my body is a time machine.”

Image*All photos supplied

And that’s a a tasty, scrumptious, enlightening, filling wrap! Thank you world changer and history maker!

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I’d rather have the right God than the wrong man


Posted by  on Thursday, October 24, 2013 


Flickr photo by Acy Varlan

Flickr photo by Acy Varlan

I’m 23, I just graduated from university, and I’m single.

Many of my friends are married, and a few are starting to have children. And I feel as if I just graduated from high school again. You could say my life is in transition. And it’s true; I am in the middle of shifting myself from university to the career world. But I’ve started to wonder about whether it’s right to refer to my singleness as an in-between stage.

What exactly am I in-between again?

“It’s the first day of the rest of my life.” I recently I heard someone on TV say this about her wedding day, and it really bothered me. While I don’t want to discount the gift of marriage, I must say I’m a bit confused and frustrated with this sentiment. I’ve heard the cliché before, but I suddenly felt the weight of it. As if it equates marriage as the start of life, or at least the good part.

Don’t misunderstand my frustration; I think there is a beautiful element of starting a new family with your spouse. I’m all for godly marriage. But what I’m afraid of is viewing life through the lens of marriage as the goal. For waiting to get married before life starts.

I’m afraid, because I’m afraid it has happened to me. I’ve been living like I’m waiting for someone to get here. And it isn’t Jesus.

I’ve wasted my time, my energy, and my emotions on this concept that singleness is just a waiting room for a relationship. I’m tired of this view that my life begins when I wake up next to my husband, because I’m pretty sure my life began 23 years ago when my mom gave birth. And this mentality has robbed my joy.

As much as I’d like to place all the blame on Christian culture, the perpetual “Have you met anyone yet?” question the world asks me, and the reality that my Facebook feed looks more like a Pinterest wedding board these days, I am convicted of my own failures.

I’ve been living like God owes me something. Like he hasn’t held up his end of the deal. He has given me the desire for relationship and marriage, and he just hasn’t followed through.

I’ve been living under the impression that I deserve a relationship.

I’d be lying if I said Christian culture does much to inhibit this mentality. There seems to be a deep understanding and appreciation for the gift of marriage, but not so much for the gift of singleness (if it’s treated like a gift at all). Rather, singleness is something to be cured. Like I’ve got a disease, and introducing me to your single friend might perhaps cure us both. Singleness is the lump of coal, the gift that is never on your Christmas list.

There are at least a handful of us standing around, wondering what happened. (After all, I have been pretty nice this year.)

But it’s never been about being entitled, or even about being nice. I have to stop thinking that I’m doing something wrong here.

Well actually I am, but it isn’t about fixing something that will magically make a boyfriend appear. It is about changing the direction of my heart.

 “I’d rather have the right God than the wrong man.” –- Christen Rapske

People talk all the time about pursuing people or things for the wrong reasons, but maybe we pursue God for the wrong reasons. Maybe subconsciously I’ve been treating God like he’s a vending machine. And my pursuit of him has really been a pursuit of someone else.

When did Christ cease to be enough?

And when did I stop finding my identity, self-worth, and fulfillment in Him, only to place my life on hold for someone I’ve never even met?

Each day is a gift, and I’m not waiting for it to get here. It is present in every moment, and it begins anew daily.  Man-less or not, I want to wake up every morning and be excited because I get to spend my day with the God who created the universe.

And I want to do that for the rest of my life.

The arduous conflict between OPPORTUNITIES and CAREER


I’m at a crossroads.

As a young fledgling, with one foot still in varsity and the other in industry, there’s no doubt about the career path I have chosen.

I see myself growing in almost all disciplines that it has to offer as I can’t seem to select one that I particularly favour or one I would want to do for the rest of my life.

So I sit here and wait for the not so obvious things, like world peace and the world to change, and wonder what to do with my mundane yet full of potential life.

Coming from a family of professional students, there is still a yearning to study further and continue this predictive path of preluded success.

Success, such a loaded word.

I wonder if this word includes happiness, growth, and peace in it or is it truly JUST the money, acclaim, fame and loneliness that everyone so charmingly packages.

I want to make my family proud, earn a reasonably decent paycheck, and climb a corporate ladder that will hopefully cushion my fear of heights. I also want to cruise in a beautiful depreciating asset and salivate over ridiculously expensive shoes, buy garish and gaudy garments that make me look like I’ve made it.

I’m attracted to the idea of opulence.

I look at my vision board that scorns the aforementioned dreams and substitutes my qualifications with facilitating women, wanderlust, retail and music. This board seemingly resembles the lives of the Real Housewives. Well sort of.

I am waiting for a sign.

I might just be afforded an opportunity to disconcert the dawn of my career and mission into a vacuum; be sucked in by the vast world and its forgotten secrets and pleasures.

How exciting!

I don’t know if I would be fulfilled though. Should I take the risk of being a dissident and do the unthinkable? What if my career catches up with me and results in me finding my purpose? What if it never does?

A qualified nomad is not what my mother sweated for.

Doesn’t it all work out in the end?


I need a life compass.

The Working World

The cold dark of these passages swallows you in on your first day,

You introduced to various faces, some welcoming some mundane.

I don’t know whether to sit or whether I should stand,

I’m waiting for a nod, an instruction, even a command.

I’m struggling to fit in. I don’t know if it’s my age,

cos my personality was never a problem, I love being the centre stage.

So I fetch my key to unlock the room where all my experiences will be birthed

An erratic burst of excitement, like electricity in my veins

Not sure if I’m hot, neutral, or unearthed.

In the kitchen to make tea, colleagues throw an occasional chitter followed by a chatter,

the technical service men benignly flirt, an unexpected flatter.

I scurry to my office, so embarrassed and forever bored.

This can’t be life, everyday feels like a damn chore.

I feel this isn’t for me.


Cos everything here is so bureaucratic and institutionalised

No room for creativity or change, everything’s run according to the so called wise

And then I remember that God does things for a cause,

It’s not always about shining and getting the applause.

Sometimes we need to sit back, watch and draw from the academics

To avoid, in the future, the brainless and cliché gimmicks

So this is a start, and for a while it felt like the bottom

But it is with “experience” now that I appreciate the gruelling warren.