Junie- A song about Black Appropriation

I haven’t covered music in a while! What better way to revisit this interest than with Solange’s new album A Seat at the Table?

I have been an avid fan of Solange’s work (and sartorial elegance), since the days of Sandcastle Disco, T.O.N.Y and I Decided. She knows this. I have felt her emotions, held her hand through Lover’s in the Parking Lot and her vulnerable Black Cab Sessions.

This new chart topping album has exhibited the singers beautifully pared layers of black identity, all the while giving respect to legendary musicians.

Solange’s song “Junie,” a groovy jam that confronts the appropriation of black culture was named after music legend Junie Morrison.

She skilfully tackles the issue of black appropriation in her lyrics: You want to be the teacher/ Don’t want to go to school/ Don’t want to do the dishes/ Just want to eat the food.

(Get it? Read it again)

Music social activism is no new concept. Hip Hop and RAP stem and exist through it. Motown, Blues and Jazz all have undertones and royal levels of depth about topical and sociopolitical struggles. Soul music has also been an honest reflection of feelings and moods.

Solange has put together a masterpiece, skilfully assembling all these attributes and travelling through history and time to deliver this piece of art.

Do yourself a favour and Jump on it! 

Kluk and CGDT’s SHAMELESS collection debuted in Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth-Club 100 for ladies recently hosted internationally acclaimed design duo Malcolm Klûk and Christiaan Gabriёl du Toit for the first time at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum.

The fresh-off –the-designers’-table collection, “Shameless,” debuted in PE briefly before being launched nationally. Their fashion is all about experience, exclusivity, luxury, and detail, pret-a-porter, bridal, couture and homeware.

Klûk and Du Toit said the friendliness and hospitality of PE’s people was unrivaled. They mentioned the beauty of the city and the richness of the old buildings and architecture seen in and around the city.

Du Toit said that they would definitely like to see more of PE in the near future and take on trunk shows and pop-up events.
The event was well attended, with optimum security, great networking and not to mention the amazing sushi.
See some of the attendees and garments below!






CGDT, Michelle Brown (of Club 100), Kluk and I, ofcourse.

We hope the duo will keep their promise and possibly change the face of fashion in the city!

Save the Heroine

This blog is not about Drugs. So to all the addicts you can QUIT now. (See what I did there?) LOL. Its about Beyonce’s song. I know I am a stan, but this particular song has much truth in it.She mentions a few things  that are so relevant to most of our lives. People overlook that song because it wasn’t a Pop single or Hit, but dig a little deeper into your albums (Or YouTube) and find it, -you might  feel not as “alone.”

So many women, mothers, hold the forts to their households, positions, relationships etc. They are breadwinners, psychologists, nurses, sisters, sounding boards and friends and in all of that role-playing they sometimes don’t have time for themselves. Then they choose one of two things. Either being sour and blaming the world. They gain weight and lose their self esteems and basically go downhill, or there are the ones who actually stop their spinning worlds and give themselves some time to recoup. These women know that they need the time off . They know that things will work out in the end even if it means doing damage control. These women spoil themselves in ways they see fit.

I applaud both types of women.

Life isn’t easy.  Making the decisions which they do, all require strength; the strength to endure or the strength of walking away from the toxicity of some of life’s ordeals. I have felt worn out before, actually quite recently. Maybe because I did a lot of thinking about what needs to be done, instead of just doing it.  Also because I felt I had too much on my plate in the very time I was trying to “cut things out”. You don’t always have to be the heroine. Sometimes accept defeat. Say no, to things you cannot manage, step out of thing that will compromise you. You cannot hold the world on your shoulders.

So for those who are always selfless and willing to help, also consider yourself. Your health and soul is at risk. As women we have got to look after ourselves. If you consider yourself way too often, try reaching out and considering someone else. Either way that you choose, you’ll be healing yourself and/or others.

Take time out. Do some stretches. Ask for help.

Live, Love, Laugh (cry a little bit too)