This page is focused on the women within. It will serve as a colloquium which includes interesting perspectives on how women love to be treated, what inspires them, visions and dreams and words of encouragement on a regular basis.

I’m not interested in status or prestige. I believe that everyone has something of value to teach you. So as I journey through the gift of life I meet incredible, REAL people from different backgrounds with various achievements and gifts, whom are a blessing to others.

The content  will be to women, for women and about women. The reason why I focus on this subject is because I am passionate about celebrating the development, success and confidence of women. I feel that our place in society is widely overlooked and every conscious effort we can do to bridge the gap to “equality,” we should at least try.
I’ll have various people sharing their feelings, no gender bias whatsoever. I want men to speak in how things look from the outside in. I want women to project and advocate. I think I just want a forum where we can be honest, open and create love and respect for one another in this global village.

Look at the images below:

un-women-auto-complete-shows-what-internet-thinks-of-women-3un-women-auto-complete-shows-what-internet-thinks-of-women-4 un-women-auto-complete-shows-what-internet-thinks-of-women-1un-women-auto-complete-shows-what-internet-thinks-of-women-2

The premise is simple – renowned advertising agency Ogilvy & Mathers took four women’s portraits and covered their mouths with some of the auto-complete search terms offered by Google’s search engine. These suggested search terms were based on searches done by other users, so they represent convictions held by many who use the search engine. The search terms are perfect examples of many of the beliefs held in male-dominated societies that prevent women from gaining social, cultural and economic equality.

“The searches confirm the urgent need to continue making the case for women’s rights, empowerment and equality, a cause the organization is pursuing around the world”

Help me create this movement.


*Mobile mentorship details to follow



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