Happy 2022!

It’s safe to say we are back and ready for the year of DOUBLE!

With double the excitement mounting, we are hoping to make double the impact as we climatise to the new normal.

We cannot thank our community, supporters, and donors (shoutout DGMT) enough for your generosity and involvement in the foundation in 2021.

A special word of thanks goes out to the Mentorship, STEAM and Entrepreneurship & Development committees who showed up in leaps and bounds by providing resources to run our programmes and events.

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Some of our highlights:

MANCOSA came on board as a partner and has been instrumental in carrying out our shared values. With school shoes donated to our chosen school and venues provided nationwide, our impact can now have a wider reach. MANCOSA has also donated bursaries for women in the Womandla community and our STEAM award winners!

We also hosted our successful hybrid STEAM awards, hosted by the Editor of GQ South Africa, Molife Kumona, and keynote address by Poppy Mhlungu-Khoza, CEO of CAA. We awarded shining beacons who have shown promise and great achievement in their industry. Catch the awards here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgadEJdKeV8

The media has always had our back and have been a great voice to amplify our activism, education and vision to equip, empower and inspire women and girls (and anyone listening really) in the African Diaspora!

This year, we have so much planned across all disciplines and invite you to journey with us!

As always, we encourage you to follow our social media pages to keep up to date with what’s happening at the Womandla Foundation. Please feel free to reach out to partner, sponsor or volunteer to our cause.







Are you ready to #OrangeTheWorld during the #16Days of Activism and stand united against gender-based violence?

25 November is the International Day to End Violence against Women & the world 🌎 is turning orange 🧡 to stand against gender-based violence. Let’s kick off the #16Days of Activism and #OrangeTheWorld!

Nearly 1 in 3 women have been abused in their lifetime. In times of crises, the numbers rise, as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic and recent humanitarian crises, conflicts and climate disasters.

While the pandemic of violence against women is not new, it’s not inevitable, unless we stay silent.

We’re still alive!

We’ve been awfully quiet as our team took a well deserved break since the awards. Here’s an update on the winners for each category:

We would like to congratulate the following Women in STEAM winners 2021!

Sheetal Kassim (Science)
Noluvuyo Gqadu (Technology)
Sifisosami Dube (Engineering)
Margo Tamzone Adonis (Arts in STEM)
Eunice Mphako-Banda (Mathematics)
Aasiyah Adams Chief Executive Officer- BBBEE Strategy and Advisory Management Consultancy and Kim Palmer (Advocacy in STEM)
Pamela Munemo (Rising Stars)

To watch the awards click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgadEJdKeV8&t=1531s

3 Days to go! Women in STEAM Awards 2021

The Womandla Women in STEAM Awards shines light on the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and advocacy for STEM and recognizes excellence among those who strive to make a positive difference.

This year we have included the ARTS to the categories e.g Design thinking and creativity within STEM.

Our guest speaker is Ms Poppy Khoza, Director of Civil Aviation (CEO) at the SACAA.

Audience can expect performances from local violinist, Neo Motsatse.

When: Aug 28, 2021 09:30 AM Harare, Pretoria
Topic: Womandla Foundation Women in STEAM Awards

What to expect at the Webinar:

  • Neo Motsatse (Artist )
  • Molife Kumona, GQ South Africa Editor-in-Chief (Host )
  • Keynote Speaker: Ms Poppy Khoza (Director of Civil Aviation Authority )
  • About Womandla Foundation : Sam Gqomo (Director of Womandla Foundation )
  • Rumbi Maisva (Head of STEAM )
  • FEMConnect Sanitary Drive Handover with Yolanda Mahaeng (Head of Mentorship )
  • Somila Cuntu (Head of Entrepreneurship and Development )

Virtual STEAM awards Tickets available here https://www.quicket.co.za/events/146531-womandla-foundation-women-in-steam-awards/#/


Get your tickets to the VIRTUAL Women in STEAM Awards!

The Womandla Foundation will be hosting the second Women in STEAM Awards on 28 August 2021.

The Womandla Women in STEAM Awards shines a light on the achievements of women in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics industries and recognizes excellence among those who strive to make a positive difference in these industries. This year we have included the ARTS to the categories e.g Design thinking and creativity within STEM.

We will once again be honouring South Africa’s most inspirational female role models in the industry in a virtual ceremony.

Our Keynote speaker is Ms Poppy Khoza, Director of Civil Aviation (CEO) at the SACAA who will address the topic “Careers have no Gender”.

Audience can also expect performances from local violinist, Neo Motsatse and a sanitary product handover from FemConnect.

Tickets are on SALE NOW and are available here https://www.quicket.co.za/events/146531-womandla-foundation-women-in-steam-awards/#/

All proceeds go to the Foundation.


Say NO! to Gender Based Violence with MANCOSA

Join us in standing up against Gender Based Violence as we draw strength and wisdom from courageous women from different industries.

It remains important for women to have a safe space to share there experiences and band together in the flight against GBV, which is why sessions such as these are necessary.

Date Saturday, 14th August, 2021
Time: 10:30am

To register for the event, visit:



Womandla Women in STEAM Awards 2021

The Womandla Foundation will be hosting the second Women in STEAM Awards on 28 August 2021.

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The Awards shines light on the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and advocacy for STEM and recognizes excellence among those who strive to make a positive difference in their communities. This year we have included the ARTS industry to the categories, which demonstrates an exceptional use of arts and innovation in the STEM fields.

“Part of bridging the gender disparity is us taking the opportunity to celebrate women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics who against all odds are making outstanding contributions within their respective fields,” Says Rumbi Maisva, Head of STEAM at the Womandla Foundation.

The Womandla Women in STEAM Award winners will be announced on the morning of 28 August 2021 at the virtual award ceremony.

We encourage every female and organisation across South Africa to put forward their success stories with regards to gender empowerment.

Submit your entry here to be considered for this year’s Womandla Women in STEAM Awards.

This year, the awards will take on a hybrid approach and will take place at the MANCOSA Learning Centre in Cape Town and online.

Applications close on 30 July 2021.

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Youth Month : Our Director chats to BizCommunity about Our Vision

Listen to the Podcast here:

This Youth Month, we chatted to Sam Gqomo, founding director of the Womandla Foundation, who shared with us how the organisation is striving towards its mission of informing, empowering and equipping women and girls with the tools and skills necessary to live out their destiny.

Womandla is a non-profit company that seeks to bridge the gender gap in Africa, empowering women to attain their own economic development, while also uplifting their communities and society at large. To meet its objectives, Womandla collaborates with other organisations to promote social innovation, public education, community enrichment and transformation.

Its projects are based on four pillars; STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths), mentorship, entrepreneurship, and development, and include coding workshops and bursaries to help women and girls thrive and compete in the 4IR workforce.

Biggest challenge

Gqomo explained that one of the toughest challenges for young girls in vulnerable communities is accessing menstrual sanitaryware: “The biggest problem and challenge that we’ve met at the schools is that the girls don’t have sanitary towels or anything really for that time of the month and so it’s quite difficult to talk about anything else that’s all about your dreams, etc., when you sometimes can’t even attend school.”

In order to help keep these girls in school, Womandla’s subsidiary efforts include raising funds and donations to provide menstrual sanitaryware. “It’s a problem,” said Gqomo, that they will miss out [on school] for something that is biological and natural.”

The main way in which the business community can support all of Womandla’s efforts is through funding its projects: “They can either create activities that we can partner in so that it’s mutually beneficial or support us by funding our initiatives,” she said.

Sharing her message for Youth Month, Gqomo said, “We need to find the silver lining, the focus and the vision, and the unity to drive out what our future should look like.”


Last Chance to Win Womandla Bursary: 21st Century Skills Certificate

Amidst trying financial times and increased unemployment among the youth, Womandla Foundation is proud to announce its partnership with MANCOSA to afford 20 women across Africa with the Honoris Online Academy 21st Century Skills Certificate.

Over the past year, it has become increasingly clear that the world of work demands cognitive agility and a mobile mindset – attitudes and behaviours of success. The Womandla Bursary’s 21st Century Skills Certificate will prepare the bursars to thrive and compete in automated, data and AI-driven realities. 

Womandla Foundation is a non-profit organisation which celebrates and empowers girls and  women in Africa and beyond. Womandla collaborates with various organisations to promote social innovation, access to education, community enrichments and transformation. 

“We are excited about this partnership with MANCOSA and the impact it will have on the bursary recipients” says Sam Gqomo, founding director of Womandla Foundation. 

“The 12-month programme will ensure women graduate with skills to not just be more employable, but entrepreneurial. This aligns with the Womandla objective of empowering women.”  

The Honoris 21st Century Skills Certificate online programme, valued at R3 900, covers a number of courses, some of which include behavioural intelligence, critical thinking, creativity and design thinking, communication, collaboration, coding, data analytics, and entrepreneurship.

With the deadline looming, women across Africa are encouraged to apply for this life-changing opportunity by no later than 3 April 2021. Winners will be announced on Monday, 4 April 2021. 

To apply, follow Womandla Foundation on social media, tag Womandla and motivate why you deserve the 2021 Womandla Bursary.

Twitter: @womandla1

Facebook: /womandlaonline

Instagram: @Womandla

Congratulations to the Class of 2020

Look in the mirror, at the person staring back at you. If there’s any dialogue to have at this moment, it would be with you. The one who could write a book on what the year has been…

You’ve navigated the unprecedented. The carpet seemingly being pulled under your feet to expose a foundation that questions your very concept of being grounded. You couldn’t have prepared for what came. Our country – the world, battling with the same; a pandemic. Amidst uncertainty with masks querying everything familiar, yet you were there. Yet, you showed up. 

Many have had to navigate the faceless. From attempting to swim against the current to navigating your very own tides that welled up within. With the latter being a place of conversation and vulnerability. Some had to carry the loss of loved ones, the loss of employment in their family settings; while others navigated watching their peers or family members fighting with Covid-19.  With the times calling for less contact, it is unimaginable that this journey could have felt any more lonely. Yet you chose to keep your vision even though the sight was dim.

With a lack in resources, in the harshest of environments, many had to look at the giants that stood in their way and find the strength from within to get to their destinations. It could not have been easy.

It has been a lot.

Against all odds, you showed up. The dedication you carried on your shoulders each day speaks volumes. Count yourself in as you face the person in the mirror.  Look at where you’ve come from; what you had to conquer.

Class of 2020, we’d like to say a huge Congratulations! Remember this…  Your future is written with the same kind of pen…against all odds you shall BE!

Womandla Mentorship Team