Womandla Coding Workshop Saturdays

Cape Town – We recently held the first Womandla Basic Coding Workshop at American Corner. The coding workshop was aimed at giving the attendees a basic introduction to coding in HTML and CSS.  

The attendees learnt the common HTML tags used to structure HTML pages, the skeleton of all websites. They also learnt many aspects of styling web pages, edit text and colors, images and creating attractive layouts.  The attendees created a miniature site applying the knowledge they learnt in the session.

We also had some inspirational facilitators sharing their stories on how they got into the world of coding. They attended to all questions and queries throughout the session.

They used real life examples to explain why things are done the way they are. “We use divs to put things into their own separate places like we keep pots and pans in the kitchen and clothes in the wardrobe in the bedroom. We can put them everywhere or anywhere but you would end up with a messy house.” This was one of the analogies that actually helped the attendees to better understand the coding process.

Womandla will be hosting more coding workshops starting next year on Saturdays, also with a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

Please fill in the Womandla Coding Workshop form if you would like to be a part of the program next year.


Coding Workshop with Womandla this Saturday

The best way to spend your Saturday morning – at a Coding Workshop with Womandla in Cape Town – an opportunity for you to find out what the buzz around coding is.

We still have a few slots available, be sure to email us if you are interested.


What to expect?

The coding workshop will run for almost 4 hours in which attendees will be engaged in discussion around what coding is and exposed to coding. Facilitators  will be available to assist throughout the coding workshop.

What do you need to bring?

You can bring a note book if you would like to take notes. Computers will be available at the venue.

Who can come?

We are looking to host 20 young women and girls  for the coding workshop and the form responses will be used for the selection of the attendees. You can fill in the Coding Workshop Form if you are interested for the Womandla Team to contact you.


The coding workshop will be happening on the 16th of November.


We will be having the Coding Workshop in Cape Town CBD.

Should you be interested or know someone who is please ask them to fill in the Coding Workshop form for the workshop.

Deadline for RSVP Thursday the 14th of November

Thank You Groote Schuur High School

Groote Schuur High School’s Feminist Society invited a Womandla representative to receive their generous donation of sanitary towels.

The school’s society joined forces with the representative council of leaders to drive this donation throughout the school.

We are so privileged and honoured to receive these sanitary towels on behalf of Langa High School and continue our mandate in restoring dignity and keeping girls in school.

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-23 at 11.12.45


WATCH: Women in STEM Awards coverage

EKSE on Cape Town TV, covered the Women in STEM Awards.

Credit: CTV, 2019. Video taken at The Vineyard Hotel

#Womandla Women in STEM Awards where they celebrated achievements of women in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics industries and recognized excellence among those who strive to make a positive difference.


Womandla Head of STEM, nominated for ITTPSA Social Responsibility / Community Award

We are proud to announce that our Head of STEM has been nominated as one of the “Social Responsibility / Community Award Finalists” for the Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa ’s (IITPSA) Annual President’s Awards 2019.

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 10.48.21

To support her please click “Support Rumbidzaishe” on the following link:


Rumbidzaishe Maisva is the Head of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) for Womandla Foundation where she forwards the agenda of encouraging young girls to pursue careers in STEM and related fields. She is a QA Automation Engineer at Global Kinetic, a FinTech (Financial Technology) company working with software development.

Rumbi is passionate about educating, equipping, motivating and inspiring people with knowledge about computer science. She has worked with a number of NGOs in IT including: Code For Cape Town, CodeSpace and Women in ICT as a motivational speaker, panelist and keynote speaker. She has also worked as a tutor for Mathematics and Science at the SOZO Foundation in Vrygound. As the Head of STEM for Womandla, Rumbi has been at the forefront of organising the inaugural Women in STEM Awards Ceremony powered by Nedbank Women’s Forum, Career Expo for Langa High School, Mentorship workshops and currently planning the Coding Workshop as a way to address the digital divide.

Her passion about education and information accessibility resonates within her Honours Project that focused on an automated system that was geared at answering STEMI (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation) questions for learners in underprivileged communities using of machine learning, symphonic and string matching algorithms. The automated system aims to address the digital divide by making use of raspberry pi devices to host information that can be accessed outside of an internet connection. The impact of rolling out this project would be education made easily accessible to learners through the use of Information Technology.

Her project work was published in a number of magazines including Engineering News <https://www.engineeringnews.co.za/print-version/nmmu-student-brings-knowledge-closer-to-learners-globally-2014-11-19>.  Rumbi has also been featured on eTV news “Shining a light on women in science” on the 13th of August 2019 where she spoke as an advocate of getting more women in science.

More about the Awards

The event highlights the talent and commitment of individuals within the ICT industry.

The following are the details for the categories for the IITPSA Annual President’s Awards 2019:

IT Personality Award 

  • A person who has made a positive impact on the SA ICT industry over the past year
  • A person who has been successful in building a highly-respected IT organisation or business
  • A person who has made a major contribution to the IT profession over a number of years
  • A person who has made a significant technical or academic contribution to the IT industry
  • A person who has aided the development needs of the community

Visionary CIO Award

  • A person with overall responsibility for IT strategy and application of IT in an organisation
  • A person who has demonstrated visionary leadership in using IT to support, grow and transform business
  • CIO, ICT executive or strategist who has established best practice in implementing technology solutions in an organisation

Technology Excellence Award

  • A person / team who has made exceptional / innovative use of information technology, or designed an innovative new technology, for an organization.
  • A person / team who has exhibited technological excellence that has delivered measurable benefit for business / the SA Economy

Social Responsibility / Community Award

  • A person / team / project delivering the benefits of IT on a not-for-profit basis into the community / or bringing the community into the IT space (addressing the digital divide)

Well done Rumbi!

Watch our Director on Afternoon Express

Watch our Director, Sam Gqomo, chat about the birth and vision of Womandla Foundation on SABC 3s ‘Afternoon Express.’

See how you or your organisation can get involved. We hope to roll out our events calendar with established partners for the year 2020.

Here’s to expansion! Send us any comments or queries on info@womandla.com.



Coding Workshop coming soon

Computer programming, also referred to as Coding is at the root the creation of computer programs and applications today. 

Qualifications and background degree are less of a limitation for people wanting to get into coding. Coding is about problem solving and logical thinking and as such some people who studied other degrees who possess this skillset have started programming seamlessly and have gone and excelled in the IT environment.

Some IT companies have even started training potential candidates after completion of their high school who show potential to be computer programmers even though they do not hold a Computer Science degree.

The need for computer programmers in South Africa and the rest of the World has increased exponentially but there is still a big gap in knowledge of what coding is and how it affects the World.

We would like to present an opportunity to teach coding basics to young girls and women in Cape Town, South Africa. To do this Womandla is collaborating with NetCampus and below are the details of the workshop.


What to expect?

The coding workshop will run over 4 hours in which attendees will be engaged in coding. Facilitators  will be available to assist throughout the coding workshop.

What do you need to bring?

You can bring a note book if you would like to take notes. Computers will be available at the venue.

Who is invited?

We are looking to host 20-30 young women and girls who are passionate about learning about coding for the coding workshop and the form responses will be used for the selection of the attendees.

You can fill in the Coding Workshop Form if you are interested and the Womandla Team will contact you.

Should you otherwise be interested in adding to our facilitators please email info@womandla.com.


The details are still being finalized with a key dependent being confirming the level of knowledge of the young girls and women who want to attend the workshop to guide the session content.

Should you be interested or know someone who is please ask them to fill in the Coding Workshop Form for the workshop.