The name Womandla is a combination of Women and Amandla, Xhosa and Zulu, for power/strength.

The fist that you see in the logo is a symbol of unity, strength and fighting the good fight.

Womandla.com was founded by Sam Gqomo, a marketing exec, who uses her skills in the marketing and communications industry to equip, inform and advocate for her community.

Our Mission : Informing ,Empowering and Equipping Women and Girls by Building Sustainable Communities.

This non-profit company shapes the mind of the African Girl/Woman. The general objective of Womandla is to celebrate and empower women in Africa and around the globe. Womandla collaborates with other organizations to promote social innovation, public education, community enrichment and transformation. We are committed to providing sustainable, relevant  programmes in all spheres  within the technologies, media, skills development, mentorship, and every sector based to empower young girls to live out their destiny.

Womandla demonstrates a commitment to sharing content and conducting events which profiles leading and upcoming women in various fields and sectors. We showcase to the rest of the world what 21st century Africa looks like. We want to show the transformative creativity and innovation that comes from the continent, the African stories that can resonate with anyone and the world-class work being done here.

Our Vision

Our vision, as a Non-Profit Organisation, is to form partnerships with leading colleges and universities and establish a Womandla Bursary, Womandla Scholarship of the Arts and Womandla Leadership Programme for young African leaders. This will foster, facilitate, educate, empower and equip scholars/educators and the larger community with vision, purpose and to attain the highest degree of excellence in various spheres of education for the enablement to eliminate the deprivation of poverty.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. It is so weird that I came across your page today of all days. This same phrase was used in a service I attended today and it really stuck with me. And now I read this. I like your perspective girl. We have a lot in common 🙂


  2. Wow, this is a great concept! All the best my dear.. I got myself two t-shirts already..Reason 1, being that I love the concept, and reason.2, being that my hubby’s name is MANDLA….

    All the best, girl
    From Pumeza Booi-Ndlovu.


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