I often joke and say that I teach women how to raise their lobola (dowry) but in essence, I believe  I am instilling worth. Self-esteem issues can never be neglected or ignored as they have the power to intrinsically destroy one’s identity and future. I am here to reassure you that you are capable and more than enough .

This page is called Arise, in Hebrew, “Talitha Koum” a phrase that means Little girl, Rise up. I came across it in a biblical parable found in Mark 5:41, a story of a 12 year old girl who was practically raised up from the dead.

My interpretation or rather reason for this page is to profile women who have excelled in their work, business or community and have risen to the top against all odds.







6 thoughts on “Arise

  1. It is so weird that I came across your page today of all days. This same phrase was used in a service I attended today and it really stuck with me. And now I read this. I like your perspective girl. We have a lot in common 🙂


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