Coding Workshop with Womandla this Saturday

The best way to spend your Saturday morning – at a Coding Workshop with Womandla in Cape Town – an opportunity for you to find out what the buzz around coding is.

We still have a few slots available, be sure to email us if you are interested.


What to expect?

The coding workshop will run for almost 4 hours in which attendees will be engaged in discussion around what coding is and exposed to coding. Facilitators  will be available to assist throughout the coding workshop.

What do you need to bring?

You can bring a note book if you would like to take notes. Computers will be available at the venue.

Who can come?

We are looking to host 20 young women and girls  for the coding workshop and the form responses will be used for the selection of the attendees. You can fill in the Coding Workshop Form if you are interested for the Womandla Team to contact you.


The coding workshop will be happening on the 16th of November.


We will be having the Coding Workshop in Cape Town CBD.

Should you be interested or know someone who is please ask them to fill in the Coding Workshop form for the workshop.

Deadline for RSVP Thursday the 14th of November

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