Coding Workshop coming soon

Computer programming, also referred to as Coding is at the root the creation of computer programs and applications today. 

Qualifications and background degree are less of a limitation for people wanting to get into coding. Coding is about problem solving and logical thinking and as such some people who studied other degrees who possess this skillset have started programming seamlessly and have gone and excelled in the IT environment.

Some IT companies have even started training potential candidates after completion of their high school who show potential to be computer programmers even though they do not hold a Computer Science degree.

The need for computer programmers in South Africa and the rest of the World has increased exponentially but there is still a big gap in knowledge of what coding is and how it affects the World.

We would like to present an opportunity to teach coding basics to young girls and women in Cape Town, South Africa. To do this Womandla is collaborating with NetCampus and below are the details of the workshop.


What to expect?

The coding workshop will run over 4 hours in which attendees will be engaged in coding. Facilitators  will be available to assist throughout the coding workshop.

What do you need to bring?

You can bring a note book if you would like to take notes. Computers will be available at the venue.

Who is invited?

We are looking to host 20-30 young women and girls who are passionate about learning about coding for the coding workshop and the form responses will be used for the selection of the attendees.

You can fill in the Coding Workshop Form if you are interested and the Womandla Team will contact you.

Should you otherwise be interested in adding to our facilitators please email


The details are still being finalized with a key dependent being confirming the level of knowledge of the young girls and women who want to attend the workshop to guide the session content.

Should you be interested or know someone who is please ask them to fill in the Coding Workshop Form for the workshop.


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