Forbes Business Coach South African Tour

The Own Your Brilliance! Master Class Tour with International Business Strategist & Forbes Coach, Tamiko Cuellar, is aimed at empowering and equipping aspiring and Emerging Women Entrepreneurs for Success!

VIP list 2


  • Shifting Mindsets to get to your next level
  • Profiting from your Purpose to Develop Multiple Streams of Income – Uncovering what’s already inside of you to produce more income
  • Where Do You Shine the Brightest? – Choosing the right target market(s) who will buy what you sell
  • How to grow your business with limited funds – Unconventional low to no-cost strategies to grow your business

BONUS #1 – Branding and marketing strategies for doing business with the U.S. and globally
BONUS #2 – Activating your faith to build the business of your dreams

The Master Class includes:

  • A FREE copy of Tamiko’s e-book, “Own Your Brilliance! – A Woman’s Guide to Hiring Herself” (by email)
  •  E-worksheets for you to print and bring to class (by email)

Click on this link to book:

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