#Times Up, #MeToo and other Clicktivism campaigns

This year started with a surge of  movements and clicktivism campaigns challenging and uprooting the oppressive systems which women find themselves in – across industries.

In the media and entertainment world specifically, the #MeToo campaign saw many female (and male) survivors of sexual harassment and abuse, share their stories and show solidarity towards each other. The hashtag was first created in 2006 by activist Tarana Burke, the Senior Director of Girls for Gender Equity.

me too

At this year’s Golden Globes, a collaborated effort from Hollywood stars had them taking actionable steps against sexual harassment and abuse, including the creation of a legal fund for people who have experienced harassment or abuse.

Many celebrities promoted Time’s Up by wearing all black or a pin. The “black-out” of the red carpet at the Golden Globes served as an act of unity against sexual harassment and abuse.

The internet is a powerful tool and the rise of clicktivism is bringing more awareness and exposure to societal issues than ever before.

Clicktivism is not exclusively the support or promotion of a cause online. It is the use of digital media for facilitating social change and activism.

Womandla, as a digital media platform, fully advocates and promotes the work that all influential leaders and change agents are doing. We use words to share, build, liberate and heal.

In 2018, we wish to be more intentional about taking action and making a positive impact in our community at large.

Stay tuned!

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