Crowdfunding is a job on its own


Crowdfunding has taught me a lot over the past two weeks. So much work goes into it, I should have lost weight!

Here are my learnings since I started campaigning:

Firstly, people are FOR you, they want you to win! Some don’t say it- they show it. Some people I don’t even know were just ready to give.

Secondly, community is EVERYTHING and more can seriously be achieved in numbers. In a now very western world, we are often siloed and isolated in our own worlds, we generally only want to help IF we get something back. This has taught me to be more inclusive and to be so intentionally.

Thirdly, God is abundant. He extends Himself through His people. How much more can be achieved as a body working together?
I also learnt that expectation is the mother of frustration. The people who you’ve always routed for can quickly turn into bystanders in your time of need. Expect the unexpected. Expect disappointment and silence. It is what it is.
Lastly, I learnt a deeper sense of humility, perseverance and hopefulness. I gave myself no other choice but to conquer this.
My FEES are officially paid and all that is outstanding are my flight costs. I believe God will come through for me as He has already shown.
From the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank you all for your seed. May you be blessed with a great harvest! A little certainly goes a LONG way and because of you, I am on my way to the United Nations!
Literally counting down the weeks, days and minutes.


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