South Africa’s trailblazing sisters

Basetsana Khumalo and Johanna Mukoki are no strangers to South African media and travel aficionados.

These two sisters have great portfolios behind their names and have proven that anything is possible through hard work, great support and prayer. Their story resonates with me as I have a sister and these are the kind of conversations we have about our futures.  When such tangible role models exist, our dreams are validated and come to life as we are led by their example. You see inspiration usually comes from something that exists, ours is to add our own flair and skill to make the obvious difference.

It’s only until recent years that they have exposed their private lives and business projects to us. We see that they too can have fun, enjoy life, have families and still live out their individual purposes.

The Makgalemele sisters are an embodiment of “Women can do it all.”


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