Womandla is looking for Africa’s Hidden Figures


A friend asked me who I’d like to meet and feature on Womandla.com.  I paused, not because I did not know, but because I had no rehearsed answer.

I responded and said I would want to meet any woman who is the first. The first at achieving a massive milestone, the first at attempting or conducting an experiment or the first at innovating and creating something life-changing until the first becomes the new normal.

One thing I know is that I look up to various women for their success and ability to break glass ceilings, who then provide opportunities to those who come after them.

With the recent exposure of international films and stories of ground-breaking, history-making women namely Hidden Figures and recently The Immortal Life of Hendrietta Lacks, I remembered why I even started Womandla.com.

Womandla is looking for Africa’s hidden figures. The female African heroines who continuously change the status quo, lead in politics, the community, non-governmental organizations and those who fight blood, sweat and tears for women and children’s rights. These women hardly receive recognition or media attention yet they still quietly lead and make an impact.

Can you imagine how many women are out there bubbling and brewing with inspiring stories of their latest and nascent, life-giving dreams with no one there to tell their stories, record them or even create African movies and educational coursework about them?

Womandla exists to document, inspire and feature in textbooks that future generations will one day learn and study from.

Womandla is not interested in the figures but exists for the difference women make.

We want to take uniquely African stories to the rest of the world.

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