The Tibeb Girls, Africa’s Powerpuff Girls

A renowned Ethiopian female film director Bruktawit Tigabu has produced a 2-D animation series, called “Tibeb Girls” to educate adolescent girls on the various body changes that happen at their age as well as how to live a healthful life. 

tibeb 2

The three characters, FIKIR, TIGIST, and FITEH, use their superpowers to deal with injustices and harmful practices toward girls in Africa.

The Tibeb Girls is an important and relatable edutainment series that teaches African children of the “taboo” topics they otherwise would not be able to discuss with their parents. This program makes it easy to apply the knowledge and skills learned beyond the classroom.

The fact that the girls have superpowers is a bonus! This series proves to young, black girls that they too have the capability of inspiring others and changing the world through good deeds!

The Tibeb Girls also features a cast of local women whose strong character and excellent performance set the right precedent for young African girls looking to venture in to the media industry. The team also hopes to  inform Ethiopians and the wider African society about the dangers of harmful traditional practices, such as female genital mutilation and the forced marriages of young girls.


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