The Inspiration behind Womandla

Melinda Gates, a TIME magazine 100 honoree, says she wants to make investments in health and technology to help unlock potential for women around the world.

I watch the Melinda Gate’s Foundation developments incessantly and adopt their strategies as a guideline for my plan. The vision and the work she does, as mentioned in this video, encourages me on my journey.

The internet is such a wonderful tool when it comes to introducing us to topics and people that would otherwise be almost impossible to meet in one’s lifetime.

Whether Womandla will be an organisation that will be likened to Gates’ or not, I am working hard at establishing a legacy  for the next generation. For me, it isn’t about the accolades but the significant difference we will be making in the life of the young, African woman.

I’m taking the baton and responsibility for our continent and it’s young leaders because the future is African and I’d like to be a great part of it!


2 thoughts on “The Inspiration behind Womandla

  1. Indeed you have taken the baton and responsibility for our continent and its young leaders, I look forward to cheering your strides & working hand in hand wth you alongside the brightest young minds in our country & continent to being a part of this great African future. “God is willing.”

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    1. Thank you for your vote of confidence, prayers, contribution and adopting the vision! Izandla ziyagezana and with your support and passion for education, we will make a lasting impression and difference in Africa and the world at large – I’m ready! “God is Able”


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