We’re going to take girls to school!!!

Reading this article validated the cause of the existence of Womandla.com. As much as we want to celebrate success and bring light to opportunities, helping others is also top priority.

We know education is one of the most powerful weapons we can use in the fight against poverty. Why? Because an investment in children’s education is an investment in their future.

The lessons students learn in school will remain with them throughout their lives. Equipping a child with basic skills like reading, writing, numeracy and critical thinking enables her to understand information provided to her well beyond her school-aged years and gives her the opportunity to earn a meaningful livelihood.

Without quality education, the consequences for girls can be devastating. In many African countries, girls without an education are more likely to become child brides, more vulnerable to infectious diseases like HIV and more likely to die young.

If the world neglects the girls’ education crisis happening in countries across the globe, we could see these four risks become reality:

1. Nearly 250 million more girls will be married as children by 2030.

2. The number of lives lost each year due to failure to provide access to quality education by 2050 will equal the number of lives lost today to HIV/AIDS and malaria, among the top deadliest infectious diseases.

3. Over 1 in 4 people living in low-income countries could still be living in conditions of extreme poverty by 2050.

4. Low-income countries’ economic output per person (GDP per capita) will be nearly 70% lower in 2050 than it would be if all children were in school. This will create a loss of $1,800,000,000,000 – that’s $1.8 TRILLION – in low-income countries alone.

When girls miss out on education, we all lose. We will be working behind the scenes to join forces with other organizations and causes to help fund these girls.

Stay tuned!




2 thoughts on “We’re going to take girls to school!!!

  1. Hi Sam,

    Thank you for such an amazing blog. I viewed it to read the “know your worth” article that you spoke about on Instagram but I saw myself scrolling down to read more. “We’re going to take girls to school” just strengthened my “why”, the many reasons that I make sure my daughter goes to a good school and getting a good education. Yes I struggle sometimes as I am a single mother but the progress and grown i see in her makes it all worth it. I hope all mothers out there are doing everything they can to invest in their children’s education because it will really pay off one day. Some people think because they grew up in poverty, their children must grow up the same but what we need to learn is that we can change the cycle. Things don’t have to stay the same, your kids can be the generation to bring wealth to our familes. Thank you for reminding me why I am a mother and why the struggles are all worth it.


    1. This is beautiful and worth a share too! There’s a saying in keeping young girls in school the whole community benefits – not just the family. I’m glad this encouraged you, as your comment does me. #Womandla


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