Why are my Facebook Nametests so accurate?


I don’t know if any of you guys do the Facebook nametests, but I have been actively engaging them, and  noticed how incredibly accurate they are. Okay, I must admit, some are completely incredulous and farfetched but my results kind of remind me of  Doctor T. J. Eckleburg’s eyes/god-like symbolism in the Great Gatsby. The unseen guy in the Valley of Ashes who knows everything… How else can Facebook be SO spot on about me???

Anyway, in the past month or so, I have been collecting some of my results and declaring them over my life. If they are not true, they definitely urge me to work on certain areas like who I should become or what I should remember and what I should continue doing.

Here are a few of the descriptors I received:

“Your life is too interesting to be defined in words but this one word suits you the most and you couldn’t agree more. You have a great personality and many other beautiful qualities. Among other things your are Flexible and Entertaining. Your friends and are also in awe of you and your amazing qualities.”

“You’re a real bookworm! Your curiosity and thirst for knowledge lets you discover the whole world. You’ve become an experienced person who always has sound advice on hand. In the future, people will come from all over to hear your wisdom!”

“You are Sensual, but also especially Grateful. Some of your strengths are your Honesty and Openness.”

“With your empathetic nature you are always able to succeed in perfectly responding to your fellow man. You are a good listener and counsellor, so everyone gives you an insight into their soul and inner thoughts. That makes you an incredibly loyal friend. Your unique nature impresses everyone who knows you! You will soon be rewarded for your modesty and your hard work.”

“Your heart is in the right place and you are a very active person! You stand up for everything you believe in and try to make the world a better place.”

“You understand life and have made it your own. You are always true to yourself and go your own way to find your personal happiness. You only care about your friends’ opinions and they love you just the way you are: Considerate, Sensitive and Sensible.”

“You’re a free spirit! You don’t care what other people think of you. You live your life according to your own beliefs. You’re extremely smart!”

“Your mission is To inspire and aid. When you look at your life so far, these words have been a big motivation in actions and decisions you’ve made both consciously and subconsciously. For you, life is about helping others. You believe in making the world a better place and know the importance of working together.”

“You always strive to do your best and to help others realize their own potential and thrive. Your Discipline and Optimism help you complete your mission and people are drawn to you and inspired by the warmth and good will with which you live your daily life .”

So if anyone asks me the dreaded question: “So tell me about yourself….” I’ll refer them here, because I never know where to start with that one but Facebook seems to.

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