Sesethu Gqomo: Development, Wealth & Prosperity


1471825_601356626566224_61029271_nAt only 27 Miss Sesethu Gqomo is wearing more professional hats than most people in their thirties. This boisterous, hardworking,Port Elizabeth born and bred young woman does not shy away from a challenge. When asked why so many career outlets she simply responds “I’ve always known that I can’t simply do one thing and I’m capable of more. I also knew very early in my career that I can’t work full time 9-5 due to my energy and creativity, it would get stifled”.

And what a lot she does,. Gqomo is a Communications Lecturer at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) , owner of SG Communications, EarthyPreneur  and also partnered with numerous other businesses. She believes in continuously being involved in things and people who inspire growth and a sense of accomplishment, “development, wealth and prosperity” these are the themes of her life. “Anything that…

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