He’s a cheap date!

I used to often laugh when my Pastor spoke about stingy men. He called them “AmaSkorokoro” in jest, advising us to run for our lives when we see snippets of scrooge-like tendencies. The premise was never focused on gold digging, but merely to teach us all how ladies should be treated and how crafty some men can be.

A lifetime ago some bloke tried “cute” things I considered paltry. I’d mention a residential area that I liked, he’d say he would want to RETIRE there, I’d talk about a career move and he’d brag about an offer he ONCE received. I bought myself two pairs of shoes- on sale- (one for an event and one for…. life) and he said the women he married would have no say in his finances.

I was deeply perplexed because this conversation was about my everyday life and preferences, yet he took it personally, as if I’d asked for his permission or help in ANY of these things.

Ebendibona mos ku Instagram? Endibona naku LinkedIN? (He saw my posts on LinkedIn and Instagram)


“Friends, if you are in the standard grade class- stay and excel there. Leave HIGHER GRADE things to the boffins.”- Samkelwe Gqomo 2016

I didn’t want anything of his, I was just sharing. Also, he should’ve noticed my lifestyle and done the math. He was obviously looking for love in the wrong place.

Love is not based on someone’s beauty. Love is not about wearing the other person down. Love is not reducing someone’s standard. Love is not so selfish or limiting. Yes, love is not about money,  but it is CERTAINLY not asking if the bread offered at a restaurant is FREE either.

Boy BYE!


2 thoughts on “He’s a cheap date!

  1. The ugly truth about all of this is that, most black men good black men had to go through the “AmaSkorokoro” phase and also the young black boy too will find himself here. This is the most difficult stage for most especially those who’re socially awkward. So if a young man is cheap, then what does he have to his advantage if it’s not money? His Story. That’s all he has and unfortunately most girls / women overlook this because after all potential doesn’t put food on the table, and those naive enough sometimes or most of the time end up with a dead end because some niggas just end there, with potential…

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    1. Undeniably so. This post is not meant to single out anyone. What is the reason for countering ladies that aren’t on your level as a man? What is the aim? Is it necessary?

      Also, it’s good to see potential in others, that’s where partnership comes in.. to boost that. This guy could have complimented the shoes, brought property newspapers to comment on what I was talking about and questioned the career move as part of conversation, instead he felt the need to compete or denounce what I was saying.


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