The Chokin Kind (of love)-Joss Stone

I was recently described as anti-relationships. I’m not offended at all. I am anti premature anything really. I went on a Twitter rampage supporting my psychological reasons of why I believe as young women we should be alone in our 20s. My main reason being that most guys around the same age group are not ready for commitment and that you will hate the beauty that is love because of a transitory “desire” therefore misconception.
Shortly after I listened to this hidden gem of Joss Stone, I knew I was on the right lane. It was also after a string of tweets of heartbreak on my timeline that I suppose, supported my sweeping statements.
Age and experience are not only viable for job vacancies ladies but are criteria we should consider before we stir up love too.
Some advice for maturity, first decide who you want to be before wanting to belong to someone else. I’d hate for you to find out later that your purpose was not realized because you felt too alone at a juvenile stage of your life.
Leverage your youthful years. You will have many years later to share with somebody else. Make friends. At least have some hope.

2 thoughts on “The Chokin Kind (of love)-Joss Stone

  1. Wow so true, too many young people have this fear of being alone, this may hinder the process of understanding your purpose in life, what God need you to accomplish. In most cases you tend to neglect yourself, this is from personal experience because you spend so much time trying to make another happy hoping it will be returned it can get exhausting. Thanks for the words imparted.


  2. You spot on Sino. Aren’t you glad you realised this sooner rather than later? Now is the time. The lesson is learnt, you can now prepare yourself better as God’s vessel rather than a man’s. You have nothing to prove. You are enough for Mr Righteous not just Mr Right


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