Dancing like everybody’s watching

I have decided to let go of the shackles of society.

I’ve been reminded of who I always wanted to be. I’ve found me and all that defines me. This started with conversations with my inner being.

I transcended from my body and found the true meaning of living. My passion for earthly things has  been ebbing away. My dissatisfaction of fading into the background has been chewing at me. I realised what it meant to be truly happy.

I have a light that streams from generations and I have been covering it because of distractions and hesitations.

No one knows the pain of dysfunction as a norm, manipulated in conversation, used as a pawn. Survival instincts, working hard from a young age, equipping your mind to be a pilgrimage.

From ashes  to gold is a  story untold of a girl destined for greatness. I claim my youth again,attain a rebirth, some sort of spiritual renaissance. With this renewed confidence I dance on tables like everybody’s watching. My body will say things, my movements will change beings and I will provoke thoughts and speak to the nations.

I will rebel against fossilized paradigms, photocopied ideas and binaries. I look to the heavens from whence cometh my help,I see the clear sky as a canvas, alive with creativity and new possibilities.

2 thoughts on “Dancing like everybody’s watching

  1. i like this. i don’t relate tho because i haven’t “..found me and all that defines me” yet. And i hope i dnt stay too late to do so. Help me Lord.
    Totally neat piece


    1. I found “me” when I was out of my comfort zone. Protected surroundings don’t allow growth and independence. Try something new, be solely responsible for it. God will help and guide you. Pursue Him.


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