This is a poem I wrote whilst dealing with heartbreak, going nowhere slowly in a relationship, and realizing that which I cannot accept, I can’t change. A selfish decision I took, that left me more whole than broken. I almost settled for someone else’s dream and took someone else’s gifts, in the meantime I was sacrificing my own. I am glad I realized this, before it was too late.


I’m thinking of a wedding.

It could be yours, it could be mine

With a handsome man

so groomed and defined.

The white of this dress is pure

and the cut, well-trimmed.

In my mind are three words

and forever begins.


I’M READY!! I think, I presume?

But there are still some doubts that my mind consumes.

“Ag, just nerves”

I console my heart and think,

Mom gave me three words and it’ll be over,


Some ululate, some cry as I walk down the aisle

I see my journey of life as I pass people by.

I cuss in my head,

‘I think I’m gonna die”


I’ve seen all the signs.

But then I remember


Infront of the alter

after the second hymn,

I see godly figures, cherubims and seraphims

I hear a voice.

God says, “You…

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