I am a Coconut


My fellow black people who know me are probably relieved that I have finally admitted to this statement just by reading the title. The other races don’t even care. They just accept the fact that I am a person first who relates so well to them.

The reason why I make such a statement is not to plead my case, or fight the stereotype because that is overly done. There was a book published, numerous articles written and I know my friend has made an award winning speech  about the topic too, so all I’m going to do is let you in on is why I think I am a coconut.

1) I am fruity.(sl) An absolute fruit and nutcase actually. Yes I am crazy, it scares me sometimes but it makes me an enjoyable  person and fun to hang around.

2) I am brown. This might sound like a phenomenon to the carnal man  but my…

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