Dwelling on the Past

Recently, on Twitter, there was a fall out between a well-known, charismatic black female DJ  and her Jewish follower. The argument was based on the difference between the Holocaust and Apartheid.

Now, one would think that descendants from both victimized groups would have some common ground  or basic understanding of the others’ pain, but instead they “stood” on  my Timeline arguing.

It was very embarrassing and highly disappointing from my born-free perspective. How do you as an opinion leader stoop so low in competing  on a subject that actually had no argument?

The problem with many advocates of various causes, usually pertaining race groups, is that the people arguing are so busy trying to plead their cases that they don’t realize they are actually on the same team.

Upon reading this dialogue, a few things came to mind:

1.  Neither of the aforementioned were involved in the Holocaust or Apartheid era.

2.Neither can actually validate their points as what they have learnt about the struggles is hearsay

3. Whether undeserving, defenseless people were starved in concentration camps or dehumanized and reduced to nothingness for not having their dompasses, PAIN IS PAIN IS PAIN.


One should not try and grade the degrees or levels of mutilation. What does comparing the ways in which pain was inflicted aid? Be it physical, emotional or verbal abuse, the point is both our forefathers endured violence because of their melanin.

The Jewish girl highlighted one very important notion that I feel all South Africans should begin to adapt, she said:” In all our pain, Jews never used the Holocaust as an excuse to achieve what they have.  We commemorate and remember what happened  as a part of history, but in no way does it define us today.”

Jews own a healthy share of the global economy, I can’t wait to move on with my fellow South Africans and do the same.

Mayibuye iAfrika!

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