Woo Me

We’re in the 21st Century where a whole lot of role reversal is taking place. Women are in power and have a voice, they are taking charge and leadership in places of work, worship and their homes only but to name a few. Women are becoming self-sufficient and very independent, leaving men questioning their roles and place in a woman’s life. It seems they have let all of these questions go to their heads and forgotten the simple, meaningful things in life like romance.

I personally don’t know why there are questions being asked. I would be happy to have things paid for me or rather look at it as help or sharing of responsibilities. But these darned egos creep in and confuse the whole setup leaving men in a pathetic state of “loss”.

I’m not here to deal with their self- esteem/ egotistical  issues but rather to place one important request to men, well my future one. As you rediscover your role in this life, which is not solely based on your Net salary by the way, please don’t forget romance.

Romance to me is “Remembering.” If you listen carefully to the hints I drop and remember things I say I like, and then you act upon them, you are likely to score 1000 Brownie points after every act. The second point of defining romance in my terms is “observation”. Notice the minutes I spend staring at a specific pair of shoes, listen to the songs I listen to (this will also aid you in shopping for the dreaded Birthday, Valentines, Mothers day, “Just because I love you Thursdays gifts”. These two things are the secret of knowing and learning about me.

I don’t think this is a reflection of my casual diva tendencies nor is it too much to ask. It’s appreciation. It’s chivalry. It’s sexy!

So please don’t be like other men who buy flowers and chocolates for their partners. I have hay-fever and am always watching what I eat. This would be a futile exercise not to mention a deduction of 500 Brownie points.

Woo me and I’ll be yours.

If push comes to shove and you feel like you have exhausted all your creative juices in trying (because all I really want is a good attempt), call my sister or closest friends.

But the point is, all I need is God, love, teamwork and understanding in our relationship.

Your roles are based on your responsibilities, not on power. Just do them well and I’m bound to reciprocate.

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