I have no words.

I have nothing to say.

All I have are feelings.

That’s what I shall describe.

The feeling of not being enough.

The feeling of unimportance.

I’m not worthy of being fought for.

I’m cut.

Besides my words, I have a greater loss.

Loss of respect, loss of fortitude.

I’m numb.

So all I had, (which were my feelings) are gone.

There’s some pain.

My heartbeat thumps harder, my bones rattle, my body slouches. I feel lifeless.

My aorta, atria and ventricles burst open. I’m bleeding.

Bleeding internally.

I’m sore. Sore for you too. Your blindness hurts. The fact that you couldn’t see me wave as I drowned.

You chose to purge me. Silly me thought you were dead to me, meanwhile I was a long gone fossil to you.

If not, then why? I have so many questions.


I’m done

I’m out


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