I like it

I like it.

I like it when you see me walk from the bus stop to my house
and you slow down your car so that you can watch my derriere.
I like it when you roll down your window
and peek your fathead out the window and call me over.
I like it when you call me babe.
After meeting me 2 hours ago.
I like it when we start chatting.
And I sleep at 3 in the morning and wake up with bags under my eyes.
I like it when you start calling me
And ask me how was my day on your way to fetch your girlfriend or your wife
I just like it.

But can I tell you what I love?

I love that as you treat me like you do,
I represent your mother, a child bearer, the woman who nurtures ALL of you.
I am the lady your father could have met a few years ago,
But would you be proud of the way he pursued?

I love that you value family
Respect, integrity and valour all the good things you seem to own
I love that one day you’ll have a daughter who will be your cornerstone.

I love that you’ll protect her from the Nasty boys that you are.
I love that she’ll go to college and you won’t be able to protect her from afar.
I love the way the wheel turns and she’ll feel what I felt for you.

I love the way her heart will shatter
And you tell her that “not all men are the same”
I love that you’re a hypocrite
And your child won’t be exempt of MY pain.

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