Open Letter to Older Self

Dear Me,

I get it. I finally get it.

I realize why I was so hard on you a few years ago. I am glad I didn’t give you the time of day to wallow in the mire of this pathetic world. I see why you put yourself on an imaginary pedestal. I am glad that you didn’t fall off of it (although there were many times you wanted to step down). This is what happens when you set goals and dream to achieve them. This is what happens when you relieve yourself of friends who are more like anchors, who rejoice in your stagnancy as if you are a landmark. See the devastation that is imprinted on their tired foreheads, the wrinkles that ripple  on their countenances from their premature coming of age.

Look around you. Is this not the comfort and leisure your parents yearned for? Have you not fulfilled your father’s wishes? You are his “Babygirl” but nothing about this lifestyle is inferior or immature.

See how God has used you. You are embarking on journeys that will empower many women and nations. That power or will is not of you. Never forget the Source. All the work your hands have produced are nothing of the ordinary, they have permeated from the Supernatural, to you.

You are a vessel.

Now older self, you might be staring at the mirror, pulling your face against gravity hoping that your breasts will follow suit but alas they fall harder than an infant taking his first few steps only to hit the floor.

Integrity. Humility. Loyalty. Modesty. Love. Dignity. Godliness.This is the character of a #31Status woman, all preferred above beauty. These are the garments you chose to wear. Everyday. What a relief to have your wardrobe covered, until the yonder years.

Now, take a moment to relax and enjoy life. Reward yourself with anything you feel you deserve. You have earned it.

I am so proud of how far you have come.


Younger Self.

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