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The first thing that bound us together. The special day we were born. She is my sister and my friend. We speak about everything that you can’t naturally speak about to your blood relatives. We have phone dates (pathetic singles thrive on these) and we have confession sessions. We are like one in the same, and have this cytokinesis type of bond that when one goes through an ordeal the other goes through a similar one. We actually tied the knot closed to our bond this year after a visit to George as NMMU, PR employees. We now share everything and have established a “Back it up with the Bible” outlook on life’s difficulties to loosen up tricky situations. She listens to all my rubbish (as I do hers)  and tells me the truth. We are now doing Roadtrip to Cape Town, entering Nivea random giveaways and part of the P31S group. You would swear we’ve known each other for years! We plan to take over the PR world all by God’s grace. She has faith in me, and I do too in her. Her name is Lenique Bossr just in case you were wondering, we may be 365 days apart but we are definitely sisters. Love Her!

One thought on “Suster

  1. You just made me smile at my pc screen like a retard 🙂 You make my heart so happy Suster*
    Can’t wait for our road trip to Cape Town ;D
    “Friendship is the rainbow between two hearts sharing seven colors: feelings, love, sadness, happiness, truth, faith, secret & respect!” ❤


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