The cold dark of these passages swallows you in on your first day,

You introduced to various faces, some welcoming some mundane.

I don’t know whether to sit or whether I should stand,

I’m waiting for a nod, an instruction, even a command.

I’m struggling to fit in. I don’t know if it’s my age,

cos my personality was never a problem, I love being the centre stage.

So I fetch my key to unlock the room where all my experiences will be birthed

An erratic burst of excitement, like electricity in my veins

Not sure if I’m hot, neutral, or unearthed.

In the kitchen to make tea, colleagues throw an occasional chitter followed by a chatter,

the technical service men benignly flirt, an unexpected flatter.

I scurry to my office, so embarrassed and forever bored.

This can’t be life, everyday feels like a damn chore.

I feel this isn’t…

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