I am a Coconut

My fellow black people who know me are probably relieved that I have finally admitted to this statement just by reading the title. The other races don’t even care. They just accept the fact that I am a person first who relates so well to them.

The reason why I make such a statement is not to plead my case, or fight the stereotype because that is overly done. There was a book published, numerous articles written and I know my friend has made an award winning speech  about the topic too, so all I’m going to do is let you in on is why I think I am a coconut.

1) I am fruity.(sl) An absolute fruit and nutcase actually. Yes I am crazy, it scares me sometimes but it makes me an enjoyable  person and fun to hang around.

2) I am brown. This might sound like a phenomenon to the carnal man  but my skin is  chocolatey, smooth and decadent.

3) I have a hard exterior. People like to think they know me, but actually they don’t.  I’m a hard nut to crack and will forever keep it that way. I plant ideas in your head and will let you run with them. Expect nothing personal, unless you TRULY know me.

4) I have a soft interior. I’m secretly sensitive but I would rather laugh about serious matters and realities. I’d also say i’m spiritual and tender and I care very much about people.

5) I’m versatile. This could be translated culturally, socially, academically and every other -ally fitting this context. I adapt easily to situations and experiences and always try to remain positive and give off that type of energy.

Notice how little I used the race card and/or colour. See how I used a negative stereotype I’ve been labelled with and made it work for me. I’m not trapped in my skin or shun my culture. I am a proud Xhosa Born-Free, with unlimited opportunities and numerous abilities.

Maybe it’s time for you to choose a fruit that best describes you , and see how much fun you’ll have being creative with it. Relieve yourself of all prejudices and just enjoy being you. Everyone is aware of race, and if that is your only argument of attaining things, good luck to you. Your skin colour delimits your moral obligation. Hard work,merit and integrity on the other hand, will advance you.

Like me, just be proud of being part of the human race and do your bit.

I am a coconut.

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