“A tomboy is a girl who exhibits characteristics or behaviors considered typical of the gender role of a boy,these include the wearing of typically masculine-oriented clothes and engaging in games and activities that are often physical in nature, and which are considered in many cultures to be the domain of boys.”

Is this really how we describe being a tomboy? The name itself has a gender bias but I think this description has taken it too far. I’d like to think that I was one in my early  years but being physical or sporty surely doesn’t mean I enjoyed taking the role of a boy. Actually, I hated boys!! I was always surrounded by females- more aunts than uncles, a sister, Girls’ school since pre-primary, so I honestly couldn’t relate to boys, I actually feared them.

I grew up with lots of energy and so channelling it to Barbies or playing doll house would never tire me. I’d rather swim,  cycle, play hide and seek or do any ball activity. My sister would have nothing of the sort so I resorted to jumping walls and failing at playing marbles with boys in my neighbourhood.  I have since changed, there had to be a transitional stage in my life, this happened around Puberty -naturally. I’m very cosmopolitan now, but  still enjoy sport and  recently started working out at the gym.

Being in High School and friends’ sudden interests in guys and vice versa, ones looks and physique changes, are all things that started to make me nervous and look at guys differently.

Nowadays though, it bothers me that people who dress “comfortably or tomboyish” are  said to be lesbian. I do acknowledge the fact that one’s dress code can say alot about them and their personalities but, should we base sexual orientation on dress code too? (the correct answer is no)

Maybe the dress code is a way for lesbians to find their feet first before coming out the closet and make things easier by laying the foundation, or actually no! Maybe not. There are many Tomboy women out there who absolutely LOVE girly things, but don’t rock them because  they don’t suit their body types or are just uncomfortable. (heels can be the Devil’s Spawn) This doesn’t make them unlady-like or lesbian. There are many lesbians in dresses and 6-inch heels too.

Fashion and trends come and go. Recently the Androgynous look was gracing every fashion magazine. Brogues, blazers, Boyfriend jeans etc this is a style, like many others, and will also be phased out.

We can’t tell people how to dress or assume their sexual preference because of their appearance. That shouldn’t  even bother you.

Also Tomboys, please don’t fear being unattractive to men. You will miss out on Mr Right, who loves his on the go, ready to go girl because you’re trying to fit in and end up looking awkward. Be comfortable and make sure that your look is well fitted and atleast colour coded (random unimportant tip).  Never conform to the pretentious world.

Live and let live, (in your plaid shirts, sneakers, cargo pants, hoodies and all).

You’re Beautiful.

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