The Ara’s

An obvious choice of  name for these two featherbrains, because one is Tara and the other is Lara. (can you see it? or hear it?)

These are two people I met in University, whom I won’t forget.

Lara probably fell inlove with the STUNNING black girl, who she secretly wants to be ( I can hear you saying “ooohhh eff”, and Tara well LOL, what a nomad. No wonder she landed on my heart.


In all seriousness though,

I appreciate and love these kids firstly because of the understanding we had for each other and secondly the TRUST. I can safely say I can trust these girls because there is nothing they don’t know about me or rather my relationship and they freely spoke about their lives and experiences.

I’m thinking of the numerous Fruitless group meetings we’d have and end up confessing all our hidden intricacies. I remember Lara giving me a lift to and from my place, so freely and cheerfully almost on a daily, listening to my hate towards “Lion” and heartsoreness etc. (God Bless You kid) Oh and how can I forget MISTER!! AKA Kierietjie! her cute boif.. ncaaawww..Image

Then there was Starara (TARA).. She was adopted by Lara, Roxy and I because her group members for one, were ALWAYS absent. Since our class always chilled together, it was easy for her to vent her emotions and make fun of the situation and later on join our group. Lol and the games began. It was standard procedure that every group project we got we would work together. We were the rainow nation, crazy group.

These kids also taught me to relax. I am a Stressor and they are sober stoners. Everything is always chilled and mellow and then rushed towards the deadline with them. Group Dynamics -First year Communications lecture come to mind. We also made empty promises to each other i.e the BIG cookout at Lara’s Lodge?? Pending…..

But one of the many things we did successfully was New Year’s in Coffee Bay and Ox Braai. I had an interesting* experience. The rubbish that was spoken, the  hippy atmosphere.Oh Lord!

The neverending roadtrip and ofcourse the big NYE Party. (this shall remain unmentioned)Image

We have all gone our separate ways in the lines of our field of study, St Francis trips, Mariasburg or whatever and PE.. bleh.. but I hope the bond will never be broken. I love you guys. This is gay.

I’m done.

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