I would have loved to see results or research reflecting the South African woman because we are still a few steps behind 1st world countries like America, BUt the moral of this article stays true for all of us. I’m not successful in the standards of the world yet, But I am getting there. I will not fear being alone though. The forces of love will find me.

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*originally appeared on my news24.com column on 2010-10-26 09:55

There are a lot of hot women in their 20s and early 30s out there. And they are not just hot. They are hot, smart and have great jobs. Many of them are the most conscientious people I have ever met. Yet they are single. Why is it that these incredible women can’t get a break with love? This has puzzled me a great deal. Why is it that when they have everything going for them, the most important thing – love – isn’t going for them? The conclusion many have come to is that intelligence and success intimidates men. Perhaps.

I believe that is a simplistic conclusion to say that men are just intimidated by these successful women. Even if it is true. What a lot of people haven’t considered is that although social structures have changed rapidly, our natural…

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